4 Efficient Used Car Valuation Tips

4 Efficient Used Car Valuation Tips

Learn how to estimate the value of your car so that it would be helpful at the time of selling the car (or trading them as a down payment when you purchase a new car). Knowing how to do a car valuation can also be very handy at the time of buying a used car. Having an idea of the car’s value can help get the best deal.

Here we have discussed few factors on how to determine the value of your used car.

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  1. Online Price Comparison: Online portals have made it easier to estimate the price of a used car by comparing it with similar car models sold online. However, there are price differences even if you are comparing the same car model and year of purchase. This is because of numerous factors like engine condition, exterior and interior condition of the car etc.
  2. Car Safety Rating: If you are planning to buy a used car, then don’t forget to check its safety rating. Cars are usually tested through different types of collision test before releasing them into the market. Based on this test, they are rated on a scale of 1 – 5, where 1 means not at all secured and 5 stands for the safest car.
  3. Contact Local Dealers: It is good to ask the local car dealers regarding how much your car can be sold for based on its condition. Also, you can get to know the criteria the local dealers follow to estimate the price of the car. If you stay in Bangalore, there are many dealers who offer used car valuation Bangalore.
  4. Age of the Car: The age of the car also determines the price you get when you sell it off. Usually, the price of a car depreciates by 15-25% every year unless it is a luxury car.

Hope these tips have helped you to know how to estimate the price of a used car.


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