4 Reasons for Choosing Demo Tarps over Dumpsters

4 Reasons for Choosing Demo Tarps over Dumpsters

You are planning to do a substantial remodel of your kitchen. The plans include quite a bit of demolition, so you’re thinking you’ll need a dumpster parked in your driveway for a couple of days. Then a friend suggests an alternative: purchasing a demo tarp instead. He says you can get one from Mytee Products for under $200.

Do you go with a tarp or stick with the dumpster? That’s entirely up to you. But you should know that people are choosing demo tarps more frequently. Also known as collapsible dumpsters, demo tarps serve essentially the same purpose as a steel dumpster delivered by a local waste management company.

Here are 5 reasons consumers are choosing demo tarps over dumpsters:

1. Tarps Are Less Expensive

Though there are exceptions to the rule, demo tarps tend to be less expensive for smaller demolition jobs. A 12′ x 12′ tarp from Mytee Products will run you $149 plus pickup costs. A 12′ x 20′ tarp will cost you $199. Note that you will not get the tarp back unless you make the necessary arrangements.

Moving on to dumpsters, Home Advisor says the national average for a typical residential dumpster is $395. In some cases that includes pickup, in other cases it does not. More expensive dumpsters can rent at $500 while the least expensive rental can be in the $200 range.

2. They Are Easier to Use

Calling for a residential dumpster means putting it in your driveway. It also means carrying debris out of the house and heaving it over the top of the dumpster. It is doable, but not necessarily the easiest arrangement. Things are different with the demo tarp.

First of all, you don’t have to put a demo tarp in your driveway. You can put it in the front or side yard. Next, you don’t have to heave garbage over the top. The tarp sits on the ground; you just drop the debris in the pile. It is a lot easier and there’s a lower risk of injury.

3. Tarps Are Not as Unsightly

Let’s face it, dumpsters are quite ugly. Moreover, you may have to have a dumpster sitting in your driveway for a week despite your demolition only taking a day. The dumpster will sit there until the waste management company can get back to pick it up.

Demo tarps are not as unsightly. Moreover, you will not lay a tarp out until demo actually begins. You can schedule your demolition to coincide with the day the debris will be picked up, so you won’t have an unsightly pile of garbage sitting outside your home for days on end.

4. They Don’t Take up As Much Space

Dumpsters are large, steel boxes that take up a lot of space. Even the smallest dumpster can make it impossible for you to park your car in your driveway. By contrast, demo tarps have a much smaller footprint. This could be a big deal if your space is limited.

Demo tarps are obviously not the right solution for every project. If you are doing an entire house renovation for example, you’re still probably better off with a steel dumpster. But for small projects with limited demolition, a demo tarp could be the better way to go.

Before you buy a demo tarp, call around and make sure there is a local waste management company willing to come pick it up. Also price out the costs for pickup. You’ll need to add pickup costs to the cost of the tarp itself to determine whether it’s a better deal financially.

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