5 Things to Know About Personal Injury Attorneys

5 Things to Know About Personal Injury Attorneys

If you or a loved one have been in an accident or experienced an injury, it’s important to know your options when comes to personal injury attorneys. Here are five things to know before you hire a personal injury attorney Denver, CO-based or elsewhere:

  1. Don’t Worry About Consultation Costs

Many people are afraid to contact a lawyer because they are concerned that the cost of a consultation will be expensive, on top of any additional costs. Reputable lawyers will usually be willing to discuss the circumstances of your injury, and whether they think you have a case, at no cost.

  1. Pick Someone Who Knows Their Specialty

Lawyers, much like doctors and other highly-trained professionals, have areas of practice that they specialize in. When considering your attorney options, choose one that specializes in personal injury lawsuits, and has experience with those kinds of claims.

  1. Don’t Get Chased

Ambulance chasing, a practice where a lawyer contacts you soon after an accident or injury, is an illegal practice in much of America. Beware of such contact, and see if your family or friends are familiar with the reputation of any lawyer you are considering hiring.

  1. Understand the Costs

Although the initial consultion with a lawyer may be free, it is important to understand the costs involved if you are going to undertake the filing of a¬†lawsuit. Many personal injury attorney work on a “contigency fee,” or a fee that is only paid if you receieve money from the lawsuit. However, it is always important to understand the specifics of this fee before hiring a lawyer. Additional costs that you may have to pay are “expenses,” or money an attorney pays someone else to work on your case.

  1. You May Have to Pay Your Insurance Company

Just because your insurance company paid your medical bills due to a personal injury, this doesn’t mean theres no possiblity that you don’t owe them that money later. Working with an attorney to get the most money from your lawsuit can help with this problem.

Anyone look to hire a personal injury attorney Denver, CO-based or elsewhere should consider these points.

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