5 Things to Know About Residential Roof Repair

5 Things to Know About Residential Roof Repair

Many homeowners wonder about what to do when it comes to repairing or replacing their roof. Here’s what to know before contacting a residential roof repair Dallas, TX-based contractor or a contractor based elsewhere:

  1. Know the Signs

Know what to look for when you are considering replacing your roof can help you decide if it’s time to contact a contractor. Older roofs, and those that have shingles that are damaged or missing, may need fully replacing. Having a trustworthy roofing company inspect your roof can help you decide what work needs to be done.

  1. Get Your Roof’s Materials Updated

The market is constantly receiving new roofing materials, meaning that if your roof is over 20 years old, you may want to consider a materials upgrade. Traditional shingles are outperformed by newer metal ones, because of durability and aesthetic superiority.

  1. Consider Layering or Stripping Your Shingles

Most roofs can take two layers of asphalt shingles, meaning that if you have a single layer of asphalt singles already installed, you have the options of either stripping them off or layering a new set of asphalt shingles on top. Layering can be a money saving option; However, keep in mind this can only be done once. Also, homesowners in areas with high winds should probably not have two layers of shingles.

  1. Warning: Installation Will Be Loud

No matter what kind of roof repair you decide on, keep in mind that the repair process will be loud. Consider staying elsewhere during the process, especially if you or your children or pets are sensitive to loud noises. You may also want to move your vehicle out of your garage, as roof repair materials can take up a lot of space surrounding your house.

  1. Additional Information

Additional tips to keep in mind are know what the specifics of the repair process are going to be, know what kind of warranty the work comes with, and get a contract from the repair company.

Anyone considering a residential roof repair Dallas, TX-based contractor or a contractor elsewhere should keep these tips in mind.

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