5 Things to Look for in a Great Dog Day Care Facility

5 Things to Look for in a Great Dog Day Care Facility

Looking for a dog day care facility for your pup? Surely, not just any facility will do for your precious, furry family member. You’ll want only the best dog day care San Jose, and that means doing your research. Here are # things to look for in a great dog day care San Jose:

  1. A Clean Setting

You’ll want to visit the location of the potential dog day cares that you’re looking at. Make sure that the premises is clean and that there is not a strong odor as this will signify that the location is not very clean. Accidents should be immediately cleaned up, and dogs who are currently at the location should look healthy and happy.

  1. Adequate Room for Animals

Each dog should have their own area to sleep in, and they should have adequate room to run around and play in as well. Most spaces for each dog will be about 70 to 100 square feet. Indoor play areas are fine, but there should also be locations where dogs can play outdoors as well. Again, these areas should be cleaned regularly.

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  1. Adequate Staffing

In addition to adequate space, the dog day cares that you are looking at should also have adequate staffing. Large dogs and small dogs should be in their own areas, and each group should have their own professionals to look after them, play with them, and take care of them.

  1. Safety Measures

The locations that you are considering should have adequate safety measures. This means having fully prepared first aid kits, phone numbers for dog owners, health information for dogs and a safe place to store medication, and contact information for veterinarians in the area who offer emergency services 24/7.

  1. Activities for Animals

The best dog day cares offer activities for the dogs. The animals may be taken for walks, or the employees may play catch or games with the dogs. In some situations, where dogs interact well, games can include multiple dogs. Great dog day cares will also have toys available for the dogs to play with.

The dog day care San Jose you choose should have all of the things listed above. As a final note, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable and happy when you enter the dog day care. You should also note how your dog reacts when you take them into the dog care locations. If they appear happy and seem to mesh well with the dog day care owners and employees, this is a good sign!

Good luck on your search for a dog day care in San Jose for your little pup!

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