5 Trends in Privacy Fences

5 Trends in Privacy Fences

As more and more larger homes feature smaller yards, privacy is at a premium. Private outdoor spaces are important to a homeowner’s lifestyle because they provide a place to gather within a few steps of the home. Traditional fences are getting updated to a focal point especially a privacy fence Austin Texas style. So those looking for creative ideas to beautify a landscape, garden or patio deck, consider these 5 “here to stay” trends in privacy fences.

  1. Today’s homeowner is creating fences out of more than just wood, iron and other traditional materials. Carefully stacked large stones, fabricated bricks and multi colored wood combinations are popular choices. Not only do all of these materials look exceptional they also help with the acoustics of the space and keep out noisy neighbors.
  2. Container gardens are the perfect way to either add to an existing structure or create a privacy fence austintexas style. This is part of the renew, reuse, recycle trend where everything old is new again. Line containers around a deck or seating area.  Containers can range from buckets, watering cans and pots to wood crates and boxes. Fill each one differently with both colorful and fragrant floral combinations to small trees and ornamental grasses. The filled containers create a privacy fence that has a beautiful purpose.
  3.  Fences are becoming the focal point for the home’s exterior and to accomplish this, mixed media is gaining popularity for fencing materials. Combinations of lattice work, different wood types and colors, wood and stone or iron are becoming more prevalent.
  4.   Water features incorporated into the fence design will help with privacy and noise. Moving water creates a soothing sound and at the same time masks noise outside the yard. Fountains and other water features come in all different shapes, designs, lengths and sizes as this trend increases in popularity.
  5.  Dark Fence Colors: The bolder the better when is comes to privacy fence austin style. Very dark colors to even black create a modern, edgy statement as well as a perfect backdrop for flowers, greenery and other plants throughout the landscaping.
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