6 Advantages of Collaborative Robots: Why You Need Them!

6 Advantages of Collaborative Robots: Why You Need Them!

Large-scale industrial automation has always been the go-to solution for the skilled labor gap since General motors installed UNIMATE, the very first industrial robot in their New Jersey plant in 1962. However, the situation has always been a little tougher for smaller, low volume factories who cannot afford these large industrial robots. They still have to deal with perennial staffing shortages as they rely on human labor for most of their processes. 

Enter Collaborative Robotics!

We are in the middle of a 4th industrial revolution and with it comes cheaper, more efficient robotic solutions aimed at the masses and by extension smaller industries. Collaborative robots are the hype today for their affordability, intelligence, and flexibility. Pretty much anyone with a need for robotic assistance can now purchase a simple yet highly effective Cobot and pair it with the appropriate software or API to perform whichever functions they want.

Applications range from simple tasks like Pick and place, palletizing, painting, and screw driving to more complex ones like 3D printing, welding, sorting, precision surgery among others. The beauty of these collaborative robots is the wide range of applications end users can perform on a single installation. For instance, Universal Robots has a wide selection of Cobots and Cobot arms that can be paired with robot software and interchangeable end-effector tools to perform practically any task one can imagine!

6 Reasons Why You Should Give Cobots a Spin

Still, fence sitting? We’ve compiled a list of 6 awesome advantages you will get from purchasing these highly versatile robot buddies for your company or for personal use.

  • Cobots Are So Easy to Set Up-Even Children Can Do It!

We are not bluffing! There is robot software available that kids can use to program Cobot as a learning tool. That said, the main advantage with modern collaborative robots is their easy setup process both on the hardware and software side. Traditional industrial robots require hours upon hours of high-level expert procedures and configurations to get them going. You can set up a Cobot in less than an hour and have it rolling immediately with minimum experience.  

The hardware set up is often a straight forward process, as Cobots often come with ready components. Modular components that can be added to extend their functions depending on your needs. Software setups are easy to follow; they provide high levels of programmability. You will get access to free or cheap support from the manufacturer, unlike traditional industrial setups which may require hiring an expert.

  • Cobots Can Be Used Anywhere in Your Company  

Part of the reason why collaborative robots are so hyped up is their flexibility. You can strip down, modify, and reprogram Cobots to perform a whole range of functions within your business. For instance, a logistics company can install different robot arms or just change end-effectors to assist workers in packaging then use the same Cobots to assist in the sorting department. You can even have Cobots that move along with their operators or on their own on an ordinary factory floor.

  • Cobots Are Affordable

Thanks to Cobots now anyone can have their very own robot assistant without breaking the bank. Cobots have truly disrupted the robotics industry due to their low initial and operational costs as compared to traditional industrial robots.

  • Cobots Are Safer to Use

Collaborative robots are by nature much safer to use than traditional industrial robots. Regulators, manufacturers and international standards bodies like ISO recognized from the get-go that Cobots are expected to work much more intimately with their human operators. This is the reason why there are strict technical specifications on their manufacture and operational guidelines. A good example is ISO/TS 15066:2016 spec.

  • Collaborative Robots Boost Productivity

They’ve only been in use for a few years but already studies have shown that Cobots boost productivity levels in small factories and other areas where they are paired with human operators by a factor of over 60 percent. Cobots can take over dangerous repetitive tasks letting humans focus on the creative part. Big companies like Amazon are deploying armies of Cobots in their fulfillment centers (aka warehouses ☺) assisting human workers to process thousands of orders in a day.

  • Cobots Boost Staff Morale 

Workers have been treated to decades of robot Armageddon tales and predictions and how human beings will be entirely kicked out of the workforce by robots. The advent of the Cobot revolution gives us all a collective sigh of relief as they prove that robots and humans can work side by side complementing each other. 

Cobots enjoy more acceptance in the workplace- staff will actually love it if you give them an extra hand in the form of a Cobot. They have been shown to improve staff morale and productivity as opposed to traditional robots that face resistance from the word go. You may need to lay off some of your workers as Cobots can streamline your processes reducing manpower needs but remaining staff will greatly enjoy working with Cobots.

Final Remarks- Collaborative Robots Are Awesome!

Collaborative robots are just disrupting today’s industries and homes; they are the future when it comes to automation. The idea of having robots paired with human operators has won many hearts across all industries that require some sort of automation for their production processes. 

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