All about the total knee replacement surgery

All about the total knee replacement surgery

The process of total knee replacement is a complex procedure and it should be performed by a skilled orthopedic surgeon who will be able to make precise calculations about the diseased portion of the bone for the removal. Do make sure that you opt for someone who has credible experience in the domain, specifically knee replacement, because this has been deemed as one of the trickiest surgeries across the human body. Total knee replacement treatment is performed by the doctor by building up the prosthetic joint one component at a time to make it as realistic as possible. This, of course, means that the recovery will not happen overnight. It is a long drawn out process wherein the healing occurs gradually and requires you to follow the correct rehabilitation steps in accordance with what your doctor recommends you.

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The process of an arthroscopic knee surgery can be outlined as below:

  • The surgeon would make an incision in the front end of the leg on the knee to access the kneecap. This is the premier and one of the most important steps.
  • The kneecap is then rotated and pulled out of the body to access the area of surgery behind it.
  • The damaged end of the femur is then measured and cut out and resurfaced for further operation.
  • The femoral metal component is then fixed at the end of the bone with special cement.
  • The tibia or the shinbone part of the lower leg is then prepared, the damaged part is cut out and the tibial component called tibial tray is fitted.
  • The patella or the kneecap is then put back with some required changes made artificially to it so that it can fit well with the changes made in the knee joint.
  • The joint is checked after this with acts of motion to ensure proper functioning. The incision is then closed with stitches or staples. This announces the end of the surgery which usually takes a few hours to complete.

This is a complex procedure and it is crucial that it is performed well and by expert medical practitioners. Knee replacement surgery cost in India also varies from region to region and this can be checked on the PSTakecare website. You will be able to browse through a wide range of options and hospitals on the website before you choose the one that suits your requirements and settle down with a particular doctor or hospital.

Although there is no specific major symptom to suggest the need for surgery, if you notice a constant trouble in the joint’s movement, the procedure might be needed. You can identify this quite easily if you’re having trouble doing daily chores or simple activities like walking briskly or climbing the stairs. The surgery can also be avoided in a few cases. Alternative treatment methods like acupuncture or prolotherapy involving the injection of fluid to strengthen a tissue might help manage the knee issues. To get the best knowledge about treatment and knee care you can get medical advice on the free medical expert helpline which is available on the PSTakecare website.

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