An Introduction to Bag Sealing Machines

An Introduction to Bag Sealing Machines

Bag sealing machines utilise heat to seal bag openings together. These machines can be used to seal bags a range of materials including but not limited to polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, cellophane and polyolefin. There are bag sealing machines available to suit each individual material that may be being used, and people should always ensure that they get the most appropriate machinery for their individual needs and requirements.

The majority of bag sealing machines use heated wire to mend and create a seal on bags openings. Some of the available machinery includes flat wires and round wires. Round wire options are typically used to  shrink wrap bags and cellophane bags.  Flat wire bag sealers can seals thicker materials and bags which contain heavier products.  Flat wire sealers can range in thickness from 2mm to 12mm. Embossing tools are also incorporated into these machines – This tool uses texture on the seal seam to provide a better, stronger seal – which can be required for many reasons. Need even more protections? Some people choose double bag sealers to seal up their bags.

Once you know which kind of wire you need your machine to hold you then must determine what size machine you need. Larger machines which offer fast bag sealing times can cost more than smaller and less efficient sealers so you need to determine how much you are going to be using your machine in order to make the greatest decision. A few of the popular bag sealing machinery options are as follows:

  • Impulse sealers
  • Foot operated bag sealers
  • Continuous bag sealers

These are only some of the options too. If you need a bag sealer machine and are unsure about which type of bag sealer will be able to help you the most – Call your local shrink wrap provider today who will be delighted to advise and guide you.

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