Automatic Transmission vs Manual Transmission

A million dollar question indeed! Vehicles are a necessity! As the world tries to strike a balance between efficiency and ecological stability, you need to decide upon which is best suited for you

Manual Transmission cars – Pros and cons:

Most of the base model vehicles available in the market are based on it. Also known as standard transmission,it is characterized by a typical gear stick and pedal for clutch. Some of the advantages of the manual transmission are:

  • Better fuel economy due to coupling of engine transmission to a rigid stick gear instead of a torque converter
  • Increased shelf life due to lesser moving parts. Means lesser maintenance.
  • Better control over the vehicle
  • If you are low on battery, manual vehicles can be push started to recharge the start

Some of the drawbacks associated with manual transmission are:

  • Complex in operation as it calls for better hand and foot coordination between gear change and clutch pedal regulation
  • Lower speed of gear transmission
  • Higher friction on the clutch plate when driving on slopes

With the emphasis increasing on value for money, big players in the automotive industry such as PATC have come up with high durability transmission systems tried and tested in your presence in their test vehicles

Automatic Transmission – Pros and Cons:

Popularly known as n-speed transmission, this allows the vehicle to change gear ratios automatically. It is characterized by a hydraulic transmission system and a planetary gear system. Some of the advantages of the automatic transmission are:

  • Speed stability is easy to attain as it keeps the engine speed separate from the vehicle speed
  • Easier to negotiate uphill drives as it retains power on the wheel when the gear changes
  • Improving energy efficiency due to continuously varying transmission as per vehicle speed

Some cons of the automatic transmission are:

  • Lesser control over vehicle speed due to the absence of clutch plate
  • Mastery over manual transmission vehicles is mandatory in some countries for issuing the license
  • Cornering of the vehicle is slower than manual mode
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