Best Agreed Value Car Insurance Miami FL

Best Agreed Value Car Insurance Miami FL

When you own a classic or custom car, making the right choice for the type of insurance to get can be difficult. The type that you have for your daily driver is probably not the same kind that you want for your classic or custom vehicle. Most classic and custom car owners get agreed-value car insurance. For the best agreed value car insurance Miami Florida has to offer, you will need to get an appraisal of your vehicle.

An appraisal can help protect your investment in your vehicle because it will tell you the current market value of your car. A traditional car insurance appraiser is not likely to take into account the customizations and modifications that you have done into the final appraised value of the vehicle. They may not have access to the latest data on comparable sales, either.

Traditional car insurance is probably not the best choice for your custom or classic vehicle. If there is an accident, you can be given the current market value of the vehicle, as determined by the insurance company. You may also be given less.

On the other hand, agreed value car insurance allows you and the insurer to agree on the value of the vehicle. If it is damaged or totaled, the compensation you receive will be based on the amount that you agreed the car is worth, not what the insurance company alone says is the current market value.

Additionally, agreed value car insurance is often less expensive than traditional car insurance because custom and classic car owners typically keep their cars in a garage or other secure location. They also don’t drive them as often as their daily drivers, and this can bring down the cost of premiums.

This is where having an accurate appraisal comes in. With a current appraisal, you have documented proof of the vehicle’s value. A professional appraiser with years of experience in the automotive industry and experience appraising many types of vehicles will come and examine your vehicle from bumper to bumper. The appraiser will take dozens of photographs to include in digital and printed and bound copies of the report for you to take to your insurance company. Using an extensive database of comparable sales and the information from the appraiser, the appraiser can determine an accurate appraisal value.

For the best agreed value car insurance Miami Florida, give us a call for an appraisal to take to your insurance company first.

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