Brand Storytelling in The Food Industry

Brand Storytelling in The Food Industry

Brand storytelling in the food industry is an essential tool and one that a food PR agency manages so that it engages and calls consumers to action. Leading food PR firms including Ceres PR utilise this as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Brand storytelling is closely linked to content marketing. Essentially it uses the narrative, the storytelling aspect, of communication to define and market brands and products in direct and indirect marketing pieces. Consumers respond excellently to the intuitive nature of storytelling.

Brand storytelling isn’t relating a fairytale; whilst it employs devices which fiction writers would use, at the core is a customer experience, development or advertising piece based on a solid fact, the brand. The writing invites emotional connection, intrigues and has personality. The people involved in the storytelling are enigmatic and honest enough to draw readers on to the next line.

Within brand storytelling you can incorporate business logos and corporate colours too. Remind people of a similar experience that they found themselves in, or may do in the future.

Effectively, the brand storytelling must create a need for the reader to reach the end and feel compelled to act, whether that’s to run to the supermarket and make a purchase, learn more about the brand and its products or to make a recommendation based on the writing.

As with fiction, brand storytelling from food marketing specialists requires a beginning, middle and an end to leave the reader feeling satisfied.

The beginning outlines who’s involved and what the problem is.

The middle presents any obstacles and the quest for the solution.

The end is the answer, how the brand and product resolved the issue.

This may seem contradictory but the story must also leave enough information out or raise interest enough for the reader to come back and digest another story. Rather than a one hit marketing campaign, brand storytelling is often a perpetual marketing strategy.

Food PR is no different to other sectors, recall the most remembered advertising campaigns for food brands and they often feature a person or family that are in a series of pieces, audio, visual and copy based.

The Ceres team of food marketing specialists pride themselves on learning about the brand, what makes it “tick” and this optimises campaigns. The brand storytelling fits with the company image and isn’t hard sell. Pressure is a red flag to many. This approach is subtler.

Look for a food marketing agency that works alongside nutritionists, dieticians and home economists and photographic and style experts, producers and directors, for a complete and positive experience. Brand storytelling is a vital piece of the marketing jigsaw that also contains:

  • Media directed towards consumers and B2B.
  • Creative content which can be shared – including brand storytelling.
  • Outreach via digital channels e.g. social media platforms.
  • Food PR events – From location selection to stand creation and demonstrations, each step is managed by an accomplished food PR firm.

Please contact a food PR agency to reach the widest audience.

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