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Cadillac: The Innovator of Super Cruise

Cadillac is taking a giant leap in self-driving cars with its Super Cruise driver assist system. It’s the first real hands-free driving system. While hands-free driving may sound like a gimmick, it actually works well on the highway.

How It Works

Unlike other brands, with Cadillac’s Super Cruise system, drivers can go hours without having to touch the brake or steering wheel. It is engineered with a steering column-mounted camera that keeps an eye on the driver’s head. There are infra-red emitters, which read the driver’s head movement. It even tracks eye movement to watch where the driver’s retinas are looking. The bottom line, it that it’s watching you. And if a driving is too lax, there are alerts sent out. The first alert is a flashing green light. The second alert is a red flashing light with a beep. The third alert is a voice command telling you to take control of the car, and the Super Cruise will disengage. If the driver doesn’t take over steering, the car will slow and eventually come to a stop. Then, an OnStar advisor will be called. In addition, hazard warning flashers and brake lights will light up. All around, Cadillac’s Super Cruise system has drivers covered for safety.


The Maps

Of course, most car makes rely on real-time data from LiDAR, local radar and other sensors. However, in addition to that, Cadillac’s Super Cruise system has 160,000 miles of HD map data that accounts for every inch of major highways in both Canada and the US. The map data is fed into the car’s system and used in combination with cameras and sensors. Map updates occur quarterly.

While Cadillac’s Super Cruise system is pretty impressive, it should never be used:

  • In construction zones
  • Difficult driving conditions
  • Slippery conditions, such as snow, ice and sleet
  • When lane markings are poor
  • When visibility is limited
  • In a tunnel
  • When towing a trailer

The new technology of Cadillac’s Super Cruise system is available on the CT6 Premium Luxury and included on the 2018 cT6 Platinum. Buyers get support services through OnStar for three years. After that a Super Cruise subscription must be purchases.

Without a doubt, Cadillac is at the forefront of vehicle technology in addition to producing cars that are stylish and deliver high performance. Visit a Cadillac dealership in Canton, MA today and try out the new Super Cruise System.

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