Camping Through the Heart of Colorado? 3 Essential Tips for Your Next RV Adventure

Camping Through the Heart of Colorado? 3 Essential Tips for Your Next RV Adventure

 For those looking to rough it or travel via RV, there’s perhaps no better place to experience everything the wilderness has to offer than Colorado.

Between the mixture of cold weather and sunshine, absolutely amazing wildlife and must-see sites, the Centennial State is a crucial destination for the adventurer in all of us. If you can handle the cold and want a true outdoor vacation experience, hotspots like Colorado Springs should be one of your top priorities for your next big trip.

Whether you’re already interested in renting an RV in Colorado Springs or are mulling over the idea of checking the state out at some points during your next RV road trip, there are a few pointers you should keep in the back of your mind.

Breaking Down the Best Outdoor Activities

Especially for those who consider themselves foreign to snow or chilly climates, there never seems to be any shortage of breathtaking sights. Literally.

That said, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when we’re hit with a laundry list of things to do. That’ why we’ve broken down some awesome outdoor activities in Colorado Springs for those either on a limited time-table looking to make the most of their trips. Such activities include…

  • Whitewater rafting: from kayaks to canoes and beyond, families looking to get wet have no shortage of high-energy fun
  • Horseback riding: check out the Garden of the Gods Park or Pike National Forest at your own pace regardless of your riding experience
  • Rock climbing: for serious adventurers, where better to test your climbing skills than Colorado’s epic mountains?

Looking to take it easy? No problem. There’s no shortage of parks and trails for hikers if that’s more up to your speed. In fact, there are tons of crowd-free hiking trails in Colorado Springs such as the Lovell Gulch Trail and Blackmer Loop for those looking to low-key enjoy the great outdoors.

Which Wildlife You Should Look Out For

As is the case just about anywhere, wildlife-watching in Colorado is a combination of marveling at nature and staying safe. Prairie dogs, foxes and elk are all common throughout the region, while bears and mountain lions are slightly less common but still around.

You likely don’t have much to worry about in terms of safety as long as you keep your distance and stick in viewing areas and trials designated by local parks. Minding your waste and keeping your campsite secure are of course recommended for avoiding any potential problems with nearby wildlife. As always, taking care when approaching animals is sound advice especially when traveling with children.

Staying Comfortable in the Climate

Finally, there’s the issue of keeping yourself comfortable. If you’re used to exclusively warm or tropical weather, simply stick to  layering up and don’t worry so much about over-packing. Don’t let the thermostat fool you as low humidity in the region may surprise you in terms of comfort. With temperatures anywhere between the 80’s to the 50’s during the summer alone, a combination of warm-weather and cold-weather clothing is recommended.

Colorado Springs most definitely ticks the boxes of what most RV adventurers and camping enthusiasts are looking for. Hopefully you can mark some of these ideas off for your next trip out west!



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