Children Learn to Give Through Crowdfunding in India

Children Learn to Give Through Crowdfunding in India

With images of pain, lack of privilege and disaster pouring into the internet on a daily basis, more of humanity is inclined to giving today than ever. Younger parents today recognize the need to introduce their children to the concept of kindness early in life, and rightly so. How does a parent go about instilling in the minds of their little ones the importance of giving and the impact it creates? Today, it is vital for parents to sensitize their children to suffering and to teach them to empathize.

Teaching a child to be kind does not have to be boring or difficult.

Small acts like sharing toys and paints are a great way to bring an inclination for kindness in a child. Sharing helps a child understand giving and why it is important. Studies show that children in their kindergarten who share are more likely to be successful 20 years later and are also likely to be the happiest. Children who prefer not to share have been proven to be more likely to fall victim to substance abuse in the future and are less likely to make friends in their teens.

Encouraging them to donate their old clothes to the underprivileged or homeless is a good way to start introducing them to the concept of donating. When you go shopping for stationery that your children need for school, throw in a few extra supplies to gift a poor child. This encourages your child to think about privilege and to interact and empathize with underprivileged children. For example, grab a few extra paints and notebooks at the craft supplies store. Then go with your child to an orphanage, or an NGO that shelters less privileged children, to gift the extra stationery supplies!

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How can crowdfunding play a role?

Many parent bloggers talk about making it a habit to sit with their children and sift throughfundraisers on the internet that benefit the underprivileged. They let their children connect to a campaign of their choice and then make a donation. Parents can go through fundraisers on several Indian crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru, where countless NGOs that work towards causes like environment, community, health care, education and more, raise funds for their projects. For example, CRY India crowdfunded with Impact Guru to eliminate malnutrition among young children around the country! ANNADA began a fundraiser to provide micronutrient fortified meals to feed underprivileged children in India. Patients that can’t afford their medical treatments and procedures also choose to startfundraisers to pay their medical bills. Some include pregnant women who need prenatal and postnatal care and young parents who have premature babies who need prolonged treatment.

Youth today – children in their teens and young adults – are growing more concerned for issues that plague humanity; social, environmental, political and so on. While it is common for young adults to crowdfund for their pursuits in higher education, music and art, today teenagers have also startedcreating crowdfunding campaigns in India and around the world. Older teens show interest in giving and volunteering for causes that they relate to. Sometimes, children start out very young. GoFundMe hosted a fundraiser on their platform led by a 5-year-old child raising funds to buy a car that she donated to the charity Kars 4 Kids!

With the novelty of crowdfunding, giving is fast going digital, just like shopping and reading the news! Fundraisers show the stories of their cause clearly and have the potential to grasp the spotlight on social media. This has made it easier for parents to show their children the power of giving right from home on their devices. More children are taking up giving with spirit today than ever and awareness of social issues that need attention grows among them. Overall, crowdfunding has made giving a trend.

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