Common Home Improvements That Require Licenses

Common Home Improvements That Require Licenses

There are so many different reasons why you may want to make some home improvements. In many cases you just need to have the knowledge to do-it-yourself or hire someone to do it. However, in other cases you do need a license to make home improvements.

Most people are aware of the major projects and the fact that they might need urban planning licenses or similar. In such a case you just need to visit site options that put you in contact with those that would get the licenses. The problem appears with some of the medium sized projects as home owners rarely know whether or not licenses are needed.

Common Home Improvements That Most Likely Require Permits

  • Fences

Not all the fences will require permits but there are usually height restrictions that are placed on the fences that are non-permitted. As an example, in Chicago there is a need to have a permit in the event the fence is at least 5 feet high. Higher structures can be available in other municipalities.

  • Footprint Changes

All alterations made to a home’s footprint normally require permits. This does include room additions, almost all decks, different sheds, garages and bedrooms.

  • New Windows

When you replace a window you do not need a permit. However, when you cut a new hole to add a window you normally need the permit. This does include new doors and skylights.

  • Structural Changes

Projects that involve changing a home’s support system do need permits. This can include changes made to decks, porches, balconies and load-bearing walls.

  • Electrical And Plumbing Changes

When removing existing plumbing or when installing new plumbing you most likely need a permit. Jobs that include adding brand new electrical service also need permits. This does include something really simple, like moving electricity outlets.

  • Siding

In most municipalities siding projects require permits.

  • Water Heaters

When replacing water heaters, you need to get a permit. Also, permits might be needed when you make changes to your ventilation system.

Renovations That Most Likely Do Not Require Permits

  • Wallpapering or painting.
  • Installing carpeting or hardwood floors.
  • New countertop installations.
  • Replacing faucets.
  • Making minor electrical repairs that do not require moving existing services or adding new ones.

Getting The Permits You Need

Applying for permits is normally done through the offices of the local municipal governments. Based on project complexity, there are permits that are immediately issued but some do require plan inspections.

As a renovation happens it is possible that work inspections are needed. If the project you are interested in involves home additions, multiple inspections might be needed. After the work is over, final inspections are done with the permit being issued.

Fortunately, in many cases you can get the permits through the contractors that you hire. Basically, they tend to take care of all the legal aspects of the work that is to be done. However, this is something that needs to be discussed in order to be sure that this is actually going to happen. This is because at the end of the day you are responsible for getting the permit according to law.

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