Cross bows for hunting

Cross bows for hunting

Cave men have made the first bow and arrow. They used it for hunting mainly. Any bow can shoot arrow to a limited range. But aiming and shooting the arrow is an art that needs a lot practice that is why there are only few archers in the population that can use bow properly since ancient times. Range and aim of an arrow is determined by the bow only. It needs strength as well as concentration towards the target. It has gone through many changes with time. Men worked on its accuracy and range, and made it easier to load and shoot the arrow from it. With all the upgrades and changes the crossbow had always gotten most votes every time. It is smaller and gives a longer range in targeting. It is easy to load an arrow in it and gives better accuracy. The best crossbow can shoot to a range between 60 to 70 yards. There are different crossbows available today, the best crossbow are mentioned below:

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Carbon Phantom RCX: It delivers top speed to an arrow. It contains the latest RCX stack and narrower bow assembly area.  The best ACU draw 50 is installed as the Cocking device that makes it more adjustable in your hands. It gives a speed of 385 feet per second to the arrow. It has a carbon fiber barrel that provides better speed than other crossbows. It has extra rubber fittings to give you better grip.

Eclipse RCX Crossbow: This is also a recent model of cross bow. It has only 140 pounds weight of drawing and shoots to 370 fps. It is equipped with RCX and is very accurate. It is also equipped with ACU draw and also 3x pro view. It is sold like the Carbon Phantom RCX in full package containing three arrows, scope, and few more things.

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