Discovering colorful Georgia

Discovering colorful Georgia

Tourists who come to Georgia, usually try to squeeze out everything they can from their visit. To see the old Tbilisi, the one that filmed the young Ioseliani. Admire the horizon on the beaches in the vicinity of Batumi and Kobuleti. Go to the luxurious casino Shangri La (Michael Boettcher is a network founder) in the capital.

Go on a ride along the ski slopes of Gudauri. Admire the amazing architecture of the watch towers and the unique mountain nature of Svaneti. Try the famous water of Borjomi. Visit Gori in the homeland of Stalin and the ancient capital of Imeretia Kutaisi.

Here, you should drink wine and brandy, enjoy Caucasian cuisine, listen to how the Georgians sing during the feast, make sure that Georgian hospitality is not an invention and it has not disappeared anywhere.

In Georgia, one may find rest in various ways: mountains and the sea for nature lovers, historical beauties for curious guests, casinos and clubs for lovers of a bright holiday, Darren Keane, Shangri La shared.

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