Essential Tips for the DIYer Looking at a Dozer

Essential Tips for the DIYer Looking at a Dozer

Are you ready to take your construction prowess into your own hands and start working on your dream projects? Whether you’re updating your home or building a guesthouse, these projects probably require professional equipment, such as a bulldozer. If you’re tempted to buy your own bulldozer, here are a few things to consider before jumping at the first good dozer deal you see.

Make Sure You Have Professional Experience

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Not just anyone can operate a dozer. Unless you have some experience working with this type of machine, you should not consider investing in one. Operating a dozer on the fly is dangerous and could put you and passersby at risk. It’s also potentially illegal, depending on the state you live in.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can get training on how to use a dozer. You can apply for numerous apprenticeships, including programs with the Associated General Contractors of America or the International Union of Operating Engineers. If that’s too formal for you, look into a classroom program or try to get on-the-job experience.

Watch Out for Used Equipment

Because bulldozers have a hefty price tag, many consumers turn to used equipment to bring the cost down. While this is a great way to save money, it only works if you know what you’re looking for in a used dozer. Before purchasing, you’ll want to do a walk around of the equipment to get an idea of its overall condition. Identify any structural problems, which might include scrapes or dents, punctures, or signs of welded patches.

You’ll also want to inspect for leaks around the final drives and cylinders. Leaks can also happen in the transmission, engine, battery, and hydraulic system, so try to peek under the hood to make sure everything looks sound. Finally, turn the engine on to make sure there are no unusual noises or drops in oil pressure. If you identify any problems, it’s probably best to back out of the deal, as fixing up a dozer is more trouble than it’s worth.

Consider Alternatives

Buying a dozer isn’t the only way to get access to one. Another option is to rent a dozer. Because you’ll probably only need the dozer for a few days during each project you work on, buying is often not a cost-effective solution. With renting, you’ll only need to pay for the days you use the equipment. Perhaps best of all, you won’t have to worry about storing the machine when you’re done, which is a huge consideration when purchasing such a large piece of equipment.

In addition to renting, you might even consider simply hiring a professional dozing company to tackle part of the project. Once that work is complete, you can get back to handling the rest of the project yourself.

Making the transition from casual DIYer to advanced DIYer is a big leap. Make sure you’re prepared for the challenges by researching dozers and their regulations in your area. With a little bit of perseverance, you’ll have no problem accomplishing your project goals.

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