Famous Celebrities Who Aren’t Shy About Their Pot Smoking Habit

Famous Celebrities Who Aren’t Shy About Their Pot Smoking Habit

Pot culture is slowly changing. Other countries around the world have made it legal, and it’s been legal for a while. Now, many states are jumping on the bandwagon.

There is still some debate on both sides, but there are some famous faces that have been pro-pot for a very long time.

Here are a couple of people that are extremely well-known in their respective fields, but they are almost equally well-known for their pro-pot stance.

Snoop Dogg

Perhaps the most famous face for legalizing pot is Snoop Dogg. He’s been open and honest for years about his pot smoking habit.

He’s so into the pot scene that he has collaborated to create a Snoop Dogg bong! He has actually collaborated to create bongs in the past, but there’s no denying that his collaboration with FamousBrandz is his best yet.

A few features of the bong that everyone is talking about include:

  • 5mm thick borosilicate glass
  • Cool percolator combos
  • A look that will make you feel like a pro smoker
  • Water pipes that can accommodate dry herbs and concentrates

Micah Evans

Snoop Dog isn’t the only one who’s into the pot scene enough to collaborate on creating a bong.

Micah Evans is very popular in some circles. He’s an artist with world-wide success. There are galleries around the world that feature his glasswork. Knowing he is a glass artist makes it more obvious that he would collaborate to create a bong.

Unsurprisingly, his collaboration with GRAV looks more like a piece of glass artwork than a bong, but it’s completely functional.

Willie Nelson

Before Snoop Dogg, there was Willie Nelson. He’s been pro-pot many for years before it was popular to be a part of the legalization movement.

However, now that it’s more accepted, he’s able to be a bit more vocal about his support. For example, his interview with Jimmy Fallon used his habit to create a comedic moment that is well-remembered.

Rick Steves

If you like to travel, you’ve probably heard the name Rick Steves. He’s a popular travel writer who specializes in European culture, which is a fairly popular place in the world for pot smokers because it’s legal in many countries.

In addition to his travel manuals and shows, he is on the advisory board of NORML, he co-sponsored Initiative 502 in the state of Washington, and he’s a repeat speaker at many events, like Hempfest.

Miley Cyrus

Some famous smokers aren’t necessarily known for continuing to smoke. Miley Cyrus is an example of someone who used to smoke a lot, but then decided to quit. It’s a good reminder that smoking marijuana isn’t for everyone.

That’s not all! There are plenty of other surprising celebrities like Maya Angelou, Sarah Palin, and Martha Stewart who have tried it at least once or twice. Chances are, as more and more states make pot legal, more famous faces will come forward as users, making the pot smoking scene more mainstream than ever.


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