Features Of Data Rescue Software

Features Of Data Rescue Software

Each person, who has laptop, has stored his all data in his laptop. Laptop user has stored too many types of data like word documents, text files, paint, images, graphics, audio, video, presentation, emails, contacts and other data. Each user thinks that his data is safe and secure in the laptop. This is main reason that they have stored data in the laptop. But, what will happen if your laptop will not work properly and you are not able to access data. Just take a simple example that you made a presentation and you have to present it on the next morning. Due to shortage of time, you did not create its backup. In the morning, when you switch on your laptop, you see that it is not working and it is very bad situation for you. You do not have too much time to make same presentation again.

So, create backup of your newly created data immediately. Now, you will have to know about the causes of data loss so that no same situation will occur in future. Reasons of data loss are:

  • Power related problems such as power outage or less power
  • Improper shutdown or pressing or holding the power button for more time
  • Hardware problems or failures such as hard disk failure due to bad sectors and bad RAM
  • Failure of ejection of external hard drives or secondary storage devices
  • Human error such as deletion or formation of data suddenly
  • Firewall blocking

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What you will do when you lost your data. There are numbers of data recovery or data rescue software available which will help you to get back your data. User just has to install data rescue software in his laptop from the internet and start scanning laptop. In the scanning result, user will get data in correct format and use it for his purpose. Do not worry about the operating system that you are using in your laptop. Data rescue software is available for all types of operating system such as Windows, MAC and Linux.

In data rescue software, you will get advanced features as compared to data recovery software. For one or two time purpose, user may download free software from internet. If you face data loss problem suddenly, then you can also buy licensed version of this software. For user’s convenience, features of data rescue are listed here.

Features of data rescue software are:

  • User friendly design
  • Duplicate file recognition
  • Email notifications
  • Advanced search functions
  • Recovery file preview
  • Time compatibility with machine

In the software market, data rescue software is available for both free and paid version. If you want to enjoy all advanced facilities of data rescue, then buy paid version with fully professional features.

Professional features of data rescue software in paid version are:

  • Add known custom file type patterns
  • Advanced search
  • Supports HFS and NTFS file system
  • Email notifications
  • RAID recovery
  • Secure erase tool
  • Unlimited drive recoveries
  • Professional user interface
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