Ford F-Series 40 Years of Dominance, Here’s Why  

Ford F-Series 40 Years of Dominance, Here’s Why  

Ford’s F-series trucks have been America’s top selling truck for the past 40 years. Ask any owner and they likely will cite the many good reasons why. Together with its impressive strength and always state-of-the-art tech features, the F-series grabbed onto America’s truck buyers the year of its debut and hasn’t let go since.

Those first models secured their place in the automotive market by combining the kinds of features found in cars with the styling and utility of a truck. Ford has kept up that tradition of a great driving experience in a truck in its 2017 models.

The F1 was introduced in 1948. That 1948 model, called the “Bonus-Built” was the first Ford pickup made like a truck. The previous Ford pickups, introduced in 1942, were based on cars. Ford has manufactured 35 million of them since then. Today, Ford sells a pickup truck every 30 seconds all day, every day.

No one should be surprised that truck lovers have a thing for the F-Series. They can handle the toughest roads and/or terrain. Ford doesn’t skimp on the strength of the truck while it’s creating the most comfortable ride of any utility truck. Driving a Ford F-Series truck has never been simpler. Lots of new updates put the driving features of the F-Series on par with most 2017 cars.

Since 1977 the Ford F-Series has been the bestselling truck in America. That’s 40 years at the top of the list. In Canada, the versatile F-Series has been topped truck sales for the last 50 years.

Just like every other year, this year’s F-Series lineup out-toughens and outsmarts all the past F-Series, let alone other trucks. The 2017 F-150 Raptor has a 450-horsepower engine with 510 pound-foot of torque. The 2017 Super Duty has the best tech offering, and the 2017 F-150’s 3.5-L EcoBoost has a V6’s with segment-leading torque. 2017 Ford Models Buffalo, New York has a truck option for every driver.

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Business Insider recently had some fun with those numbers. They decided to add up the total weight of all Ford trucks produced in the F-Series. As their calculations noted, “Assuming the average weight of all F-series pickups to be about 4000 pounds, (they have varied quite a bit, so we stayed conservative) the total weight of all of those trucks would be something like 140 billion pounds.

Here’s that number again: 140,000,000,000 pounds. That’s the weight of 192 Empire State Buildings or 680 Nimitz Class aircraft carriers.

God bless America.”

The 2017 Ford F-250 really stands out because it has some of the most innovative technology. A 360-degree camera is an available option, and aids in parking and loading the truck. It also comes with a blind-spot monitor, alerts for cross-traffic and lane-keeping, an adaptive cruise control with brake support, and reverse guidance. These features make the truck one of the most advanced on the market.

Anyone looking for a great truck with a comfortable drive and all the tech of the best cars should schedule a test drive of the 2017 Ford Models in Buffalo, New York.


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