Honda Shine vs Hero Glamour

Honda Shine vs Hero Glamour

Commuter motorcycles are the biggest volume churners in India. Companies like Hero MotoCorp and Honda have been traditionally known for making motorcycles with smaller engines but bigger fuel efficiency. The Honda Shine is one of those motorcycles that are sold in huge number in the country.

On the other hand is the Hero Glamour, which is almost parallel to the Honda Shine in terms of sales. Despite being a little on the expensive side (compared to the Honda), the Glamour is considered to be quite an efficient model in the segment.

But which one should you choose? Let’s try to find an answer.

Designing and features

The Honda Shine looks like an ideal commuter motorcycle and is proportionate from all ends. Sharp body graphics have been given on the sides of the fuel tank. It also gets a semi-digital instrumentation with digital fuel meter and an analog tachometer.

The Hero Glamour looks sportier than the Honda Shine and gets a lot of designing patterns on the body in the form of stickers. The body is more sculpted and the fuel tank holds an additional structure which looks like a tank cowl. It is given disc brake for the front wheel as a standard feature, something that is missing on the Shine.


The Honda Shine is powered by a single cylinder 125 cc engine with a carburetor fuel delivery system. The engine produces a maximum power of 10 bhp at 7,500 revs per minute along with a peak torque of 11 Nm at 5,500 revs per minute.

On the contrary, the Hero Glamour, despite having a similar 125 cc engine but with fuel injection system, makes lesser power and torque. The single cylinder engine produces a highest power of 9 bhp at 7,000 revs per minute along with a peak torque of 10 Nm at 4,000 revs per minute.

Hence, the Honda Shine isn’t just more powerful than the Glamour, it has a higher revving engine too. With the Hero motorcycle, you might feel the lack of power when it comes to acceleration. However, it is more fuel efficient than the Shine and has the fuel injected engine working towards it.

The final verdict

The Honda Shine is simple in design but has a more powerful heart. Moreover, the simplistic design and the lack of the disc brake won’t hurt you much as it comes at a price of just Rs. 57,804.

On the other hand, the Hero glamour may be more attractive in terms of the design, but the lack of power may start to hurt you in the long run. It is, however, a good one to choose if you have got nowhere else to ride on other than the city traffic. Even the higher mileage will be beneficial to you but you have to shell out Rs. 72,355 to get a hand over it.

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