How to Choose Boots for Men

How to Choose Boots for Men

Choosing the right pair of boots is a big decision. Men tend to have significantly fewer shoe options in their closet meaning having one or two pairs of boots that meet all of your needs is important. Consider these features when shopping for your next pair of boots.


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The fit of a boot is not the same thing as size. Of course, you are going to purchase a pair of boots in your size. However, you will also find that different types of boots in the same size fit you differently. The fit of a boot can affect your comfort, use, and ability to withstand the boots for many hours each day.

When considering fit, you want to choose a boot that perfectly fits your size while also paying attention to the width. Some boots are designed for wider widths while others are made for men that have more narrow feet. Make sure you try your boots on before purchasing. This means visiting a local boot shop or ordering boots from an online seller that allows returns.


No two boots are designed the same. In most cases, boots are designed with a function in mind. A hiking boot, for example, is going to differ significantly from a work boot. Consider the purpose of your new boots and then shop from boots specifically designed for that function.

If you have two very different functions, consider purchasing more than one type of boot. The same boots that you wear for heavy construction work are not going to work for everyday use. Work boots tend to have features like steel-toed tips and are water and fire resistant. Everyday styles of boots, like Desert boots, have properties that focus on comfort and long-term wear instead.


Durability is another important feature to consider. Wearing boots that are intended for casual wear, such as dress boots, in a difficult work setting means you are going to wear your boots down much faster. Choosing a boot that aligns with your purpose will increase the life of your boot.

Not considering durability when boot shopping can result in a higher cost. Most boot manufacturers do not allow you to return a pair of boots after you have worn them for a long period of time. Choosing your next pair of boots based on their durability will help you extend their use, meaning you will likely spend less on boots over time.


While style may not be important to some boots, like work boots, it is an important consideration when shopping for new dress boots. Casual wear boots tend to be more stylish and suited for events that call for more formality. Other boots, like insulated waterproof work boots, may not make sense when attending a formal event.

Many men make the mistake of choosing a boot based on its price. The problem with this, however, is that cheaper boots are not as comfortable, lack important safety features, and it is likely you will have to replace them much faster.

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