How to Make Your Workspace Comfortable

How to Make Your Workspace Comfortable

A comfortable workspace is important to a productive workday. Entrepreneurs often spend much of their workday in an office that may not necessarily be set up for optimal productivity. Consider the following tips to make your workspace more comfortable.

Set Yourself Up to Take Breaks

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Breaks are important for motivation and increased productivity, which is why many office buildings have a designated break room for employees. As an entrepreneur, you may not have that same luxury. However, a break room does not have to be a separate room. Designate a corner of your current office space for breaks.

A comfortable couch is sufficient enough to meet your midday break needs. You can also decorate the space with the items that make you feel the most comfortable. Plants, photos, and motivational quotes are all great ideas to encourage relaxation.

Dress for Productivity

If your home office is literally in your home, one of the benefits of working from home is that you can stay in your pajamas all day if you want to. While pajamas can be more comfortable than traditional work clothing, they do not encourage productivity. Pajamas give your brain the message that it is time for rest. Choosing clothing items that are comfortable and professional can remind your brain that it is time to work.

You may be tempted to avoid wearing shoes when working at home, but this decision can also trick you into starting your home time before you have completed your work tasks. Wearing shoes sends the message that it is time to get things done. Instead of going barefoot, choose a pair of shoes that are comfortable but professional.

Consider Ergonomics

Sitting at a desk for hours each week can cause much strain on your body. It can lead to chronic back and neck pains, headaches, and eye problems. Fortunately, you can have complete control over your office. Choose a source of lighting that reduces eye strain. Invest in a comfortable office chair and wrist support.

Set up your office in a way that takes advantage of natural light. This arrangement can reduce headaches and provide you with a daily supply of vitamin D. Pay attention to the layout of your keyword, mouse, and monitor.

Fit in Daily Exercise

Having control of your workday also means that you have the ability to sneak in a few minutes of exercise here and there. Exercise does not have to be aggressive. Make it a point to take a stroll for a few minutes every hour.

Consider a standup desk to work out your muscles. Some people find that sitting on a yoga ball not only helps their posture but also works out their core. Studies also show that exercise is great for productivity.

A comfortable workspace is a necessity, especially when you work from home. Failing to value comfort can make it difficult to enjoy your workspace. If you don’t enjoy being in your workspace, you are going to spend less time in it and be less productive.

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