How to Run a Successful Online Business Reviews Campaign

How to Run a Successful Online Business Reviews Campaign

Times are swiftly changing, and innovations are changing the way we do things. Online business reviews are slowly growing to become the best avenue for a business to market and advertise its products. Online reviews have been found to affect the volume of salesin many industries. These essential tips will help you take advantage of the online reviews platform.

Take control.

Customers will review your brand with or without your knowledge and consent. You might be unaware of online reviews, but they greatly affect your online reputation.  Therefore, instead of leaving the reputation of your business in the fate of others, you should actively be involved in gaining information on who is reviewing your business and what they are saying.

Don’t be tempted to cheat.

While trying to grow your online reputation, you might come across entities that will offer to sell you reviews. This means that you pay the person or the company to review your business on the third party online business reviews websites.

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It might seem like a quick and easy way for you to get a good online profile, but hiring another entity to review your business is not the best idea. Most of these companies offering reviews will use online bots to generate the reviews, which are eventually blocked by the review websites. There are those that post the reviews themselves, but they eventually get blocked by the review companies.

If you are running a startup company and you need a head start on your reviews, you can ask your friends and family who support your business to post a genuine review on sites such as Squarespace and Yelp.

Remind your happy customers to review your business.

It is common for people to vent on social sites about bad business practices. That is why there are many independent “buyer beware” social pages and communities and close to no pages that praise good service. This is because many customers view excellent service as normal and thus they make little to no effort to praise it.

Thus, for you to promote your brand image, you need to encourage your satisfied customers to post reviews on the third party review sites. Offering them coupons for their next visit is usually a good motivator.

Share good reviews.

There are more than 50 platforms on which customers can post reviews about your business. Since not all happy customers will not review your company, you need to share these reviews on social media as well as on your website so that they can be seen by as many prospective customers as possible. You should also encourage your happy customers to share their reviews.

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