Illuminate your room with 7-day Candle

Illuminate your room with 7-day Candle

7-day candles are the latest fad in subtle illumination and mood lighting for your home. These 7-day candles burn non-stop for 7 days without burning out. With many stores selling 7-day candles, Nu-Botanics is proving to be one of the best sellers of the 7-day candles.

Nu-Botanics, a market leader in 7-day candles and botanic products, has a online store along with 4 retail stores in the following locations.

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • San Jose, California
  • Panorama City, California.

Nu-Botanics has a large product catalogue which include:

  • Bath Products and Waters.
  • Amulets, Statues and Talismans
  • Incense and related accessories.
  • 7-day candles, small-buck candles and a wide assortment of candles
  • Tarot Cards and Fortune Cards.
  • Perfumes, Colognes, and Lotions.
  • Herb, roots and elements.
  • Santeria
  • Various kinds of jewellery.
  • Aerosol Sprays.
  • Various kinds of oils.
  • Accessories for various holidays and themes.

Nu-Botanics websites offers a safe and secure online shopping experience. Orders for 7-day candles and other products are processed during weekdays within 24 hours of placing of orders and are shipped within 72 hours of order processing.

Nu-Botanics has a stringent and strict policy related to returns and refunds with no returns of 7-day candles and other products is allowed without authorisation, and shipping cost being non-refundable. Also a 15% restocking charge is levied in case order is cancelled prior to shipping and a 10% restocking charge is levied in case of other order returns. These charges are waived off in case the fault or error is at the company’s end.

Nu-Botanics also offers international shipping, which can attract additional import and custom duties which depends upon taxation rules and regulations of the country of destination. Nu-Botanics cannot ship certain products in certain parts of the world, like it cannot ship aerosol sprays outside the United States.

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