Latest Web Design and Development Trends of 2018

The consistent advancement in technology has mandated individual business owners to come up with latest techniques to stay survive and achieve success in the intensely competitive online business sector. Especially, web designers and developers should follow the latest web design and development trends of 2018, as explained by reputed Minneapolis SEO Company and its professionals in the blog post.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as AI is shaking the entire modern IT sector to force companies as competing against one another to hire as well as maintain the best SEO Minneapolis professionals working in the big industry. Artificial intelligence started by Google and Facebook is applicable in large number of applications today to allow the devices to think, behave and act as similar to human beings. For instance, Facebook photo tagging uses face recognition type of AI to give an improved user experience.

Internet of Things

IoT i.e. Internet of Things involves making smart latest devices smart and allows them to communicate effectively with one another. Indeed, the question that strikes in our mind is how IoT influences the techniques and trends of website design or its development. For this, SEO Minneapolis professionals said that future web developers would now have to work on various applications, which allow them to control devices remotely and help in data analysis as well as data communication.


JavaScript is consistently increasing since last year and its drastic growth has allowed developers to work on virtual reality, chatbots and various other latest yet trending things. Moreover, JS has undergone a huge development based on its efficiency, grammar and language associated with writing of apps. Hence, JavaScript acts as a popular language among many full stack web developers.

Static Site Generators

Most of the web developers now use Static Site Generators to create websites with the help of texts stored in different files instead of choosing databases. This helps them to reduce the actual loading time of a website and gives improved security as well as creates deployment of templates and contents in an easy way.


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