Make Your Little Flower Girl Look Like A Princess

The sight of little girls in flower girl dresses brings a lot of joy and happiness to wedding guests. Precious little girls leading the way and dropping petals for the bride is a magical sight. Many little girls dream of being a princess and in their flower girl role they can easily feel like they are the center of attention. Let them dazzle and shine as they lead the procession in the perfect princess-like dress. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best dress for a flower girl:

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Tip 1: Consider The Venue
A church wedding is very formal and very different from any outdoor wedding. The venue is an important factor to think about when choosing a flower girl dress. They have to match the formality of the event. In a church wedding, fancy dresses are the top choice, but in an outdoor setting like a beach or garden, fancy dresses are too much. Go with a dress that matches the venue so the little pretty princess doesn’t stick out from the crowd.

Tip 2: Think Of Comfort
Weddings and receptions last for hours and you do not want to dress up your little girl in a dress that they are not comfortable in. Most likely they will throw a tantrum and end up wearing their casual wear instead of the flower girl dress. No bride or parent wants this during the big event. Make sure to choose a dress that is breathable and comfortable enough for extended wear.

Tip 3: Go With The Theme
One great way to ensure that the flower girl matches the bridal party is to choose a dress that is similar to the bride’s gown or one that matches the bridesmaid dresses. A smaller version of these dresses will tie in well with the entire theme and they will look as magical and whimsical as the entire wedding entourage.

Tip 4: Think Of Fabric Wrinkling
Kids are known to be fussy, especially during long events like weddings and receptions. Flower girls are bound to get bored in the middle of the ceremony and get creative in finding ways to entertain themselves. This will often lead to a lot of moving around which can cause a lot of wrinkling on the dress. Although small wrinkles might not seem like a big deal, they can stick out in a wedding photo. Choose flower girl dresses with fabrics that do not wrinkle easily. This way those folds and creases won’t ruin any photos of the special occasion.

Tip 5: Budget Matters
Spending a fortune on a dress that your little girl will only wear once isn’t a smart financial move. Although you want her to look her best and prettiest, that doesn’t have to result in buying the most expensive dress you can find. If you get creative you can find the perfect dress for your flower girl that won’t take up your entire budget.

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As she leads the bridal party, all eyes will be on her. Make her feel and look like a princess while she takes on the important role of flower girl by getting her the perfect dress!

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