Meth Detox in Delray Beach

Meth Detox in Delray Beach

Methamphetamine is a potent stimulant oftentimes derived from ingredients commonly found at the local pharmacy. The drug is highly addictive and difficult to quit on your own. You should ultimately seek out substance abuse treatment for an optimal recovery. A meth detox in Delray Beach helps you quit. In addition, a facility can help you achieve long-term results.  

Methamphetamine Addiction  
Meth addiction causes psychological withdrawal symptom such as anxiety, cravings, difficulty sleeping, fatigue and depression. Although the addiction doesn’t manifest physically, the psychological symptoms are enough to make it difficult to quit since your brain is telling you that you require the drug to feel normal and to conduct life as usual. 

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You’ll build up a tolerance for the drug, meaning you’ll require more of the drug to feel the same effect. Meth addiction takes a toll on your relationships with others and can affect your job. Because meth is a stimulant, you’ll notice a significant decrease in weight since you won’t feel like eating when you’re using, and it speeds up your metabolism. You might lose the desire to take care of yourself because you’ll become overly consumed with using and finding the drug. The drug will cause negative changes to your skin including ulcers and sores. Financially, buying the drugs can cause you to lose your home, car and other possessions. Purchasing meth may become a priority over your financial obligations to your family.  

Meth Detox in Delray Beach 

The first step to quitting a meth addiction is the detoxification portion of the recovery process. This part of the treatment consists of removing the toxins from your body that remain as a result of the drug usage. During this process, your body will react via withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may be unpleasant, but a well-trained staff is able to help you cope with these side effects of a meth detox in Delray Beach through compassion, reassurance and possibly medications to combat the withdrawal symptoms. For instance, you may receive an anti-anxiety medication to combat the anxiousness you have. You may be given a benzodiazepine tranquilizer like alprazolam (Xanax) for this purpose. If you’re having trouble with sleeping as a result of the detox, you may be prescribed a sleeping aid to help you cope during the initial phase of the detox. You might also be prescribed an antidepressant for any symptoms of depression you’re experiencing. These drugs are only short-term solutions to help you cope with the issues associated with withdrawal. 

Another important aspect of a meth detox in Delray Beach is the therapy, usually started shortly after the initial detoxification portion of your treatment. This allows you to talk about the problem, and a trained professional will be able to determine the root of the problem. From there, a therapist will devise a course of action tailored to your specific needs. The therapist will teach you coping methods to help prevent relapses. You’ll learn how to deal when you’re tempted to use meth once again.

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