Modern Fireplaces

Modern Fireplaces

Top 3 Most Unique Modern Fireplace Designs of 2017

Looking to add some extra flare to your home? Modern fireplaces are becoming more and more unique and stylish as years pass. The traditional living room fireplace that everyone pictures is slowly becoming more sleek and modern. What was once used for the practical purpose of staying warm is now also used to make the home more extravagant. Consider the following types of designs making serious headway in 2017 to really make your home stand out.

1. Centerpiece Design

Have you seen the new TVs with displays on both the front and back so that they can be placed in the middle of a room for guests to watch on either side? If you have, you’ll be able to picture exactly what these kinds of modern fireplaces look like.

It’s a large slab of brick, marble or whatever you choose for your fireplace to be made of, and in the middle of it sits a fireplace with glass windows that can be seen from both sides. It can either connect to the ceiling or stop anywhere in between. It becomes an extravagant main piece of a room, and better yet, it heats the room evenly due to its placement.

2. The Table Backdrop Design

Imagine walking into a boardroom of say ten chairs, and four feet behind the back of the table is a long, narrow glass fireplace built into the wall that runs almost the length of the table. It sets a warm, enticing and tasteful scene for a work meeting, but it has other applications as well.

These modern fireplaces can also be used in the background of a dining table. It’s the perfect setting for a family-prepared Thanksgiving or holiday meal. It adds a warming touch to a dining room that will allow everyone around the table to relax more deeply, adding to the enjoyment of a meal.

3. The “In-Limbo” Design

This design can be implemented with any wide column in a home. Picture hollowing out a large rectangular space in the column and putting in a fireplace. But here’s the crazy part, nothing guards the flames! So what it looks like is a small, controlled fire in the column of your chosen room. You could also do this into a wall so that it provides a “window” into the next room.

You can customize the bottom tray and even add a unique “partial covering” in the form of glass that hangs from the top of the space and only covers the top half of the flames. This is of course more suited for homes with no small children, but even putting the fireplaces high and out of reach can be a stylish addition to a home.

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