Motorcycle Appraisal Maine

Motorcycle Appraisal Maine

When you have a motorcycle, you’ve probably customized it to some extent and spent some time and money on some modifications. To protect your significant investment, it makes sense to get an appraisal on the bike done. For the best motorcycle appraisal Maine can provide, give us a call. We will be happy to give you an accurate appraisal.

Our professional appraisers have years of experience appraising a variety of vehicles, motorcycles included. They all come from a background of working in the automotive field and are trained to appraise anything with wheels, and even vehicles without wheels. They can appraise motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, classic cars, and more.

The appraiser will take a detailed look at your bike when they do the appraisal. Armed with a high-resolution digital camera, they will take detailed pictures of the bike to document its customizations and modifications and its current condition. Then they will compile the pictures and their detailed notes into an appraisal report. You will receive a digital and a printed/bound copy.

Relying not just on their experience appraising similar vehicles, the appraiser will use our database of sales of comparable bikes to assign an appraised value. You can rely on the expertise and professionalism of our appraisers to determine an accurate market value of the bike.

With your appraisal, you can get the right type of insurance for your bike. You’ll have independent verification of the bike’s value. This will empower you to get a policy that will cover the actual value of the bike as determined by an independent appraiser, not an insurance appraiser unfamiliar with appraising motorcycles, and who may not take into consideration the value of our customizations and modifications. The insurance appraiser may also not have access to information on comparable sales to determine the vehicle’s actual cash value.

An appraisal is also handy in cases where you want to purchase a bike but don’t know if the selling price jives with what it’s actually worth or what kind of problems the bike may have, if any. If you’re a seller, having an appraisal can be critical to setting the price at the right level.

In cases of divorce, bankruptcy, financial audit, taxable donation, or estate settlement, having an appraisal is important to help the proceedings move along more smoothly and quickly.

Contact us for the best motorcycle appraisal Maine has to offer.

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