Must Visit Cocktail Bars and Clubs at AYANA Resort and Spa

Must Visit Cocktail Bars and Clubs at AYANA Resort and Spa

AYANA Resort and Spa is endowed with plenty of relaxing and memorable dining and beverage facilities for guests to enjoy the 5-star experience without any distractions.

Below are some of the must visit beverage facilities at AYANA to enjoy amazing cocktails, your favorite drink and even delicacies guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences and make their stay at the resort special.

  • Rock bar

This bar is perched at the top of a distinctive rock formation found along the Jimbaran’s pristine sunset coast. Rock Bar, Bali has a worldwide reputation of being the most popular sunset, cocktail and entertainment venue.

It has an unparalleled view from 14 meters above the Indian Ocean and can only be accessed via AYANA’s dramatic cliff side inclinator. The bar features a glamorous sunset vibe and a seductive dark ambiance.

Rock Bar is the perfect destination for romantic getaways, memorable gatherings with friends and spectacular MICE events. For security reasons they do not allow backpacks or oversized bags at the bar. A stylish dress code is required at all times thus no singlet’s, board-shorts and alcohol-branded attire permitted.

Guests staying at AYANA villas are given the privilege of making reservations at the Rock Bar during the beginning of peak sunset time until 5pm.

  • Kubu Beach club

The beach club’s supreme setting showcases the aquamarine waters, dramatic limestone cliffs and intrinsic Balinese architecture inspired by the island’s exotic elements like shell, wood, bamboo, stone and traditional rooftops.

Kubu beach club is designed to be the main attraction for beachfront relaxing and dining with a maximum capacity of 80 guests. It is only accessible to in-house guests of the AYANA Resort and Spa BALI, RIMBA Jimbaran BALI and those at the villas.  

To accompany the traditional design, their kitchen serves as an eclectic range of simple international dishes and  local cuisine such as snapper ceviche and charcoal bun cheeseburgers. The local dishes include, the “Bakso balung” an oxtail beef meatball soup and grilled satays.

The beach club bali reflects the aesthetic of true Balinese camaraderie accompanied by an endless supply of ice-cold beers, fresh coconut water, vintage Balinese cocktails and Arak based classic cocktails.

  • Martini Bar

Perfect for a sunset or after-dinner venue, the Martini Bar serves perfectly shaken Martinis and awesome cocktails. Their diverse menus of sublime drinks are either served in the contemporary glamour of an intimate club environment or at the open-air terrace tables.

The Martini bar offers Bali’s premier social gathering spot enhanced by the stunning translucent glass bar (designed by a very talented Japanese artist) also appointed with tasteful club chairs inviting guests to feel cozy while enjoying a relaxed and sophisticated experience.

  • Forest bar

The Forest Bar is specially designed to attract nature lovers and important people for intimate social and business occasions.

To complement the treetop view obtained while at the bar, AYANA offers a unique lunch-by-the-pool concept by using traditional Indonesian tiffin baskets to serve their mouthwatering lunch menu which showcases culinary styles from around the world such as the Indonesian, vegetarian, Caribbean and more.

Every day at The Forest Bar is an opportunity for guests to discover delightful flavors as well as explore the wide selection of the island’s finest cocktails.

  • Pool Bar

The Pool Bar is a very lively social hub found at RIMBA’s one hectare of multi-tiered pools which wind around the Bali resort. The Pool bar ensures that sun-worshippers get to enjoy refreshments without leaving the cool water since the bartenders serve them with signature cocktails and juices.

For a unique experience, swimmers can also sit on bar stools immersed in the pool water or sun bath on comfortable day-beds and cabanas that have spring mattresses thus ensuring maximum guest relaxation for pool-side dining. The menu has a selection of fresh sandwiches, healthy salads, summer rolls, freshly baked pizzas, ice creams and fruit sorbets.

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