No Recall Yet on the Johnson and Johnson Talcum Products Linked to Ovarian Cancer

No Recall Yet on the Johnson and Johnson Talcum Products Linked to Ovarian Cancer

Johnson and Johnson have failed to recall its talc-based baby powder even after being hit with numerous lawsuits by women who developed ovarian cancer as a result of using Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder.

Previous lawsuits

Many people have filed lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson with some verdicts requiring the company pay huge compensations to the victims. One judgment delivered in March ordered the company to pay over $110 million to the victim. The woman had sued the company on account that her use of the Johnson and Johnson talcum products resulted in her developing ovarian cancer.

Other suits have ended with the plaintiffs being awarded compensations due to the company’s negligence. So far, there are over 2,500 claims filed against the company for failing to warn its customers that their talc-based products are carcinogenic.

Scientific studies

Signs that talcum-based products might cause ovarian cancer were first discovered in 1971 after doctors found talcum particles in ovarian tumors. The talc particles have been found to take years to dissolve after they enter the human body.

After the first discovery, there have been numerous studies into the issue of talc causing cancer. In 1982 researchers released a study that linked talcum to cancer. Other studies have been done since then with the latest being in 2015 when doctors estimated that using talc-based products increases the risk of developing cancer by 30 percent.

Despite these studies, Johnson and Johnson have continued to deny that their products are carcinogenic with their scientists conducting their own research studies to support the company’s claims.

Why hasn’t there been a Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Recall?

Johnson and Johnson still maintain that their products are safe to use. The company has termed the numerous research studies that show talcum-based products to be carcinogenic as biased.

Therefore, by failing to recall the baby powder as well as other talcum based products, the company is maintaining that it is not responsible for ovarian cancer that develops in women who use their products. Even as the lawsuits keep piling up, it is still not clear whether there will be a Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder recall.

Your move

If you have been using Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder and you happen to have developed ovarian cancer, using the talcum-based product is likely to be the cause of you developing ovarian cancer. Many women have filed cases against the company for failing to put warning labels on their products even though it is likely that they knew that the products were linked to causing cancer.

You can also file a lawsuit against the company and seek compensation for the negligence portrayed on their part.

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