Reinforce Your Recovery with A 12-Step Program

Reinforce Your Recovery with A 12-Step Program

Making the choice to become clean and sober takes strength and conviction. People take different paths on their journey to sobriety. It takes support and encouragement to stay on the road to recovery. Many people falter without the support tools to address the source of their addiction. They also need help managing the consequences of actions taken while in the grips of their illness. Boca Raton 12-Step programs work to address that gap between becoming and remaining sober.

Purpose of the 12-Step Program

The 12-steps refer to a common set of guidelines for use by recovering patients. They’re designed to give those struggling with harmful behavior a clear structure to help them through the process of recovery. The steps were designed to be taken one by one, addressing issues that either led to your dependence or resulted from the harm it caused you and those around you.

The original 12-Steps were created from a Christian foundation. The evolution of modern 12-Step programs away from this core recognizes the importance of helping secular individuals achieve sobriety as well.

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Using the 12-Step Program

12-Step programs bring together individuals working towards the same goal. The group size doesn’t matter; the main purpose is helping each other work through the process of completing each step and lending support when needed. The meetings can occur daily or weekly; each individual must find the right balance that works for them. Boca Raton has 12-Step programs with a variety of schedules.

Be Engaged

It’s important to stick to a routine once it’s chosen. Regular attendance keeps you focused on what you hope to achieve. Remain open and attentive when attending meetings. It’s not necessary to open up about your own story right away. Listen to what others have gone through for cues that might assist you in your own recovery process. Join in with your own thoughts once you’re comfortable and secure in your environment.

Get Extra Support

Participating in a 12-step program offers you the chance to obtain a sponsor, someone who works directly with you as a primary support through the process. This often proves vital to have in weak moments. Your sponsor helps get you back on track by working through the real issue triggering your need to fall back into addiction.

How We Help

RECO Institute works to help those in recovery achieve a clean and healthy lifestyle. Our Boca Raton 12-Step program provides residents with the support and structure needed to help make this goal a reality. We provide a safe environment that addresses all aspects of addiction. The well-being of all those seeking help from our facility is always our top priority.

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