Rubbish Removal News: Where Do Old Glasses Go and Why

Rubbish Removal News: Where Do Old Glasses Go and Why

How many old pairs of glasses are tossed in the rubbish removal bin each year? A thorough search of the internet reveals that no one seems to have accurate data on this. However, most environmental charities seem to agree that the number of glasses that end up in the landfills worldwide has to be staggering for several reasons:

1. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that more than two hundred fifty million people have a vision impairment needing correction. Considering that many people who wear glasses own multiple pairs (for reading, driving, tv viewing, prescription sunnies, etc) and they replace these every year or two, that’s a lot of glasses potentially being tossed into rubbish removal bins and entering the landfill each year.

2. Spectacles are composed using several types of plastic and metal. This makes them very difficult to recycle since they have to be painstakingly taken apart into their various components before they can be recycled into other products. This is labor intensive and requires some training with the end result not producing a large volume of materials per time unit. Therefore, even if you put your glasses in the recycle bin, they will likely end up being tossed into rubbish removal and taken to the landfill!

3. To further complicate the recycling potential of glasses, most plastic lenses found in glasses are difficult to break down down into pellets that could be used to make other plastic products. This is because these plastic lenses are composed of more than one type of plastic, each with different melting temperatures and other chemical properties. This makes these lenses very difficult to recycle, especially in an economical way.

4. Charity groups like the Lion’s Club International, ReSpectacle, OneSight, and Saving Sight collect used glasses to redistribute to people in need. However, studies have shown that a large percentage of the used glasses donated to these charities still end up being tossed in rubbish removal bins and subsequently taken to the landfills. There are several reasons for this. In some cases, the lenses may be scratched or the frame may be too badly damaged. Progressive lenses are usually not accepted because they are so customized to the original wearer.

5. The fashion industry has been pushing for people to own several pairs of glasses to create an “optical wardrobe.” This has not only increased the total number of glasses in the world, it has encourage people to throw them away and get new ones to stay in style on a more frequent basis! In fact, glasses have become so fashionable, Ellie Pithers, writing for Vogue, admitted that she had several pairs of glasses even before she knew she had developed a slight astigmatism. She suggested that glasses were like a “slick of lipstick or an excellent pair of earrings” in giving one a certain look. The inference was that horn rims gives one an intellectual look while tortoiseshell glasses could help express skepticism.

Some Professional Artists and Creative Types Are Upcycling Glasses

Probably the most well known artist to create art from glasses rescued from rubbish removal is Stuart Haygarth. He is a London based artist who exhibits the recurring theme of beautiful light fixtures and other artwork handcrafted from discarded objects. One of his most famous pieces is called Spectacle, a multi-tiered chandelier, made from 1020 pairs of miscellaneous prescription glasses!

Stuart also created a 1.5 meter wide globe shaped chandelier called “Optical” made from about three thousand lenses of glasses rescued from rubbish removal and the landfill. This globe style chandelier is so elegantly designed, most people cannot tell it is made from eye glasses until they are right below it looking up, and even then, they sometimes have to be told.

Other artists and creative types are also finding ingenious ways to elevate old discarded glasses into beautiful pieces of artistic utilitarian pieces. For example, old glasses can be arranged in beautiful ways to make a unique lamp shade. As a lamp shade, the glasses cast interesting streaks of light and shadows on the walls that add to the ambiance of a room. If you have and your family have several pairs of old glasses hidden away in drawers, this may be a way to repurpose them!

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