Should I Import My Car From The US To Australia?

Should I Import My Car From The US To Australia?

When it comes to the question of should you import your car from the US to Australia, or any country to Australia really, you should know that there are different rules depending on what type of a car you are planning to import. If you want someone else to take care of the whole paperwork and the importing process, choosing Dazmac International Logistics is definitely a great choice.

Type of import

Australian policies and laws have a couple of different specifications when it comes to importing vehicles. You should take in consideration if the car you are importing is new or old if you are owning it for more than twelve months if the cars are available in Australia, and if the cars are re-entering Australia as they were exported from it before.

There are different ways you can import or export a vehicle

These are the factors that are currently at hand, however, the Australian government is planning to make some changes when it comes to the traits mentioned above in the year of 2018. The changes that are about to come next year are only positive changes that will allow you to import, as an example, more expensive vehicles that you cannot import at the moment.

The costs

Before you start the whole importing process and the actions involved in the importing process, you should calculate how much it is going to cost you to complete the whole task. A lot of people only think about the shipping cost and the registration, however, there are many more bills to be paid during the car importing services.

Apply for importing

Once you do all the research regarding the laws and the costs when it comes to importing your car, you should apply for the importing permit. This process is crucial when it comes to importing not only your car but any vehicle in general, as without it your vehicle will be stuck on the boarder until you get the permit. You should do this before hiring anyone with your importing situation.


After you get your permit, you could say that the tricky part is over, however, until this whole importing procedure is done, you can never relax. When it comes to shipping, there are a lot of possibilities and offers on the market today, and our suggestion is that you might want to go for car shipping USA to Australia with Dazmac Logistics due to their good reputation.

No matter who you hire for the shipping, or if you organize everything yourself, your car will most likely travel by sea as that is the most efficient way. It will be traveling in a container; thus it is important to properly provide the measurements of the car you are importing so it does not get damaged along the way.

Find your dream car, and safely purchase and import it to your country!

Your car is here, now what?

Once your car arrives, it will have to undergo some investigation by the authority just so they are sure that it functions properly, and that you are not smuggling anything with it. Once the whole inspection is complete, you should not forget to register your car in Australia because the registration you have in the US is not valid.

Final Word

After you register your car, you may do whatever you want with it, just like you could in the United States. While this importing process might take some time and money, the value of importing a car is determinedonly by yourself.

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