Smart franking machines for all business sizes

Smart franking machines for all business sizes

Whether you have a home office, run a small to medium enterprise or are a multinational corporate giant, unless you have a smart technology franking machine, or machines, on your premises you are costing your business money.

Royal Mail is dedicated to improving the visibility and reporting functionalities of their franked mail services and so far they have invested over £70 million. It’s beenstipulated that all franking machine rental agreements and purchases must employ smart technology models which perform at top level efficiency and will absorb future innovations. VAT reclaim benefits, the best pricing tariff and services are added incentives.

If you have an older model franking machine or still use stamps then it is highly recommended that you speak to a Royal Mail accredited franking machine expert, IMS Franking is a fine example.They consult on the most cost effective solutions, business mail eligibility and about Mailmark; this is Royal Mail’s best tariff with the optimum tools. Thisenhances operations and financial viability. Professionals look at DX mail (Document Exchange, a private network) to see if you can make further savings.

Franking machine rental accounts can be managed online and the consumables are orderable24/7 from the franking machine rental or purchase firm’s website. It’s frequently a condition of hire that the consumables from ink to franking machine labels to envelopes are obtained from them to ensure that fit for purpose products are used with the franking machine.

Should you want to equip a mailroom with letter openers and inserters, standalone scales and cost calculators then these are as easy to source as the smart franking machines. Established firms act as a one stop outlet for every post related task and product you’ll need.

Franking machine rental or purchase?

  • Smart franking machine leases are not as expensive as you may think. For example, £17.99 per month equals just £215.88 per annum.
  • The alternative, to purchase, costs over £1000 so many firms decide that they can budget better with rental.

Consumables costs

  • Franking machine labels cost less than £20 per 1000, inclusive of VAT.
  • Franked mail must use blue ink, the cartridges cost between £40-£200 dependant on the volume, machine and supplier.
  • 1000 machine compatible C5 envelopes cost approximately £35-£40, VAT included.

Consider these options alongside the potential savings when sending mail. The current costs show how smart franking machines with Mailmark eligibility impact on expenditure.

  • 1st class stamp: 65p
  • Standard franking 1st class: 57p
  • Mailmark franking 1st class: 55p

If you have an office that sends 5-10 items of mail per day you will still realise the benefits of using smart technology franking machines.

50 envelopes sent per week saves £5 compared to stamps. That’s £260 over a year. When the rental can cost less than this per annum, can you afford to throw money and the opportunity away?

Budget wisely for your franking machine rental, cost effective consumables and 24/7 access to management tools. Isn’t it time you embraced comprehensive post benefits?

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