Tests an Endocrinologist Performs

Tests an Endocrinologist Performs

Tests an Endocrinologist Performs

There are eight chief glands in the endocrine system that create hormones. These hormones journey out of the bloodstream of different organs and tissues that influence the physical process of body growth. The endocrine system forms attributes like mood, sexual function growth, and metabolism in the human body. An NYC endocrinologist can perform a series of tests on you to identify diseases related to hormones. Some of them are listed below.


Every human has a thyroid gland located below the voice box just in front of the neck. The thyroid gland releases hormones responsible for levels of cholesterol, the activities of the heart, weight, strength of muscles, metabolism, breathing, development of the brain and the nervous system. A NYC endocrinologist will carry out a TSH test to take measurements of the hormone for stimulating the thyroid in your blood. This is the chief test to identify thyroid diseases. Other tests that will be taken to check for other diseases include T3 test, T4 test, thyroid-stimulating immunoglobulin test, antithyroid antibody test and radioactive iodine uptake test.


Endocrinologists will carry out a growth hormone stimulation blood test or insulin tolerance test to examine deficiency in growth hormone. If the endocrinologist suspects that a tumor is the cause of issues with the growth hormone, then a magnetic-resonance imaging will be ordered for the hypothalamus and pituitary glands.


There are endocrinologists for the reproductive system who are concerned with checking the hormones released by sex organs. There are different tests for this and one of them is the follicle-stimulating hormone blood test or women which will show several healthy eggs a woman has and if the eggs are enough for her to be fertile. A NYC endocrinologist can also perform a progestin challenge test on a woman where progestin is administered for a five-day period to see if estrogen will be released by the ovaries or the pituitary gland. Other tests include serum progesterone test and clomiphene citrate challenge test.


A NYC endocrinologist will use three different types of tests to identify the disease of diabetes. One of them is the fasting plasma glucose test which checks the blood sugar levels of someone who has not eaten for eight hours or more. Another one is the random plasma glucose test which checks the blood sugar levels of the person regardless of the last time they ate something. Lastly is an oral glucose tolerance test which measures the blood sugar levels of a person from when they eat after fasting for eight hours and two hours after taking a solution that is sugary.


A NYC endocrinologist can order a 24-hour urine test to calculate the amount of calcium since too much or deficiency of calcium is associated with bone loss. A 25-hydroxy vitamin D test will measure levels of vitamin D to see if they are unusual or not.

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