Texas Safe Rooms for Optimal Home Protection

Texas Safe Rooms for Optimal Home Protection

No one can predict what catastrophe could hit at any time or location. A safe room gives you the most protection you need. Texas safe rooms are not found in all homes, but you should consider having one in your own. Learn more about safe rooms and a few tips to choose the right one.

Reasons to Get a Safe Room

People buy safe rooms because they don’t know when disaster will strike. They want to protect themselves and their belongings in case of a man-made or natural disaster. If the rest of the house gets destroyed by a fire, flood or theft, they know that their best valuables are untouched in a safe room.

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Some people have firearms that they want to get out of reach. They have unruly people around the house like children and teenagers and cannot take chances with a box. Even if there’s a lock, curious children will copy the key and unlock the box themselves or break it open.

Thieves, burglars and murderers invade all types of homes in all types of neighborhoods. Many of them hold the residents as hostages for many hours before leaving or being confronted by police. Get a safe room to avoid dealing with the terrors of being confronted by an intruder.

An attic or basement is not a good place to hide if there’s an emergency. During a tornado, the roof of the house could blow off and expose the attic. A hurricane creates flooding that reaches the basement first. A bomb that rips through the house will destroy every room and thing except for a safe room. A safe room is made of damage-resistant steel that blocks out fire, water and debris.

Tips to Pick the Right Safe Room

A safe room combines the rigid security of a safe with the space of an actual room. Start by knowing what the material is made of because steel is what most manufacturers use. There are few other materials that provide the waterproof, fireproof and rust-resistant properties that your safe needs.

Find a company that follows the rules. Federal laws state that safe rooms must meet basic safety requirements. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) defines the standards that are proven to prevent injury and death during storms.

In addition to safety, consider location. Decide if you want the room built above or below ground. Install the room into a garage, living room or basement, but remember that it’s built with a heavy concrete foundation. Since debris could fall on top of the room and block your exits, consider placing it in a debris-free zone. Make sure that no heavy objects like cars or bookshelves are nearby to fall.

The size of the safe room is important because you want sufficient space. List your valuables in order of importance and decide which ones will go into the room. Then, determine the average size and measurements you need.

A typical robbery lasts for 10 minutes and leaves behind years of destruction. A natural disaster could strike in that same amount of time and cause instant death. Protect the safety of you and your family with a safe room.

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