The Many Hats Worn by Criminal Attorneys

The Many Hats Worn by Criminal Attorneys

When facing a misdemeanor, a felony charge, a criminal penalty or, prison, stop, drop and find the finest criminal attorneyquickly. If you are financially unable to retain an attorney, you will be assigned, as is your right, a public defender – a court-appointed lawyer.

An Austin criminal attorney (or public defender) represents clients as they walk the legal path towards a finalized settlement or verdict.

Criminal defense lawyers don a plethora of professional hats:

  • The Negotiator – they coordinate negotiations with the prosecutor. These negotiated settlements, known as Plea Bargains, offer potential reductions to a sentence/penalty, and can sometimes eliminate the charges that have been brought against you.

          But take note, prosecutors are often unwilling to negotiate when defendants choose to represent themselves.

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  • The Advocator – they formulate shrewd sentencing plans for your legal position. If you have been found guilty, a criminal attorney may be able to devise a plan to prevent a defendant from being a repeat offender. They may suggest that for a 10-month prison sentence, you go to prison for 6 months and follow that with a 4-month stint in a Sober Living Program to help you overcome the same problem that landed you in jail!
  • The Therapist – attorneys are trained to help their clients manage the powerful myriad of emotions that typically occur when going through a criminal trial. Defendants often are despondent, humiliated, and scared. Their self-esteem begins to plummet.
  • The Objective Insider – criminal lawyers understand the legal processes that you are about to face. They also retain objectivity – offering seasoned insights into what is likely to happen next. These reality checks are essential when deciding whether or not to accept a prosecutor’s proposed settlement.
  • The Clarifier – Defense attorneys highlight and inform their client about relevant legislation. The laws that delineate criminal procedures are often difficult to locate because they are buried within regulations, laws, and previous court opinions. Clarification also includes revealing the “hidden costs” of a guilty plea. Do you, as the defendant really want to make a decision by overlooking the fact that if you plead guilty (for any reason) it is likely that finding a job will be difficult once you have served your sentence?
  • The Navigator – the criminal lawyer must act in accordance with the state and federal legislation where the case is being processed. The attorney’s experience pays off in this area because in addition to the local written regulations there are “unwritten rules” that must be adhered to.
  • The Convincer – it is likely that potential witnesses are more comfortable, for obvious reasons, talking to an attorney about their legal involvement, than speaking with person who has been accused of the offense.

The Take-away

An Austin criminal attorney can improve your chances of winning or obtaining a more favorable settlement simply by the use of their knowledge and experience.   Contact us today.


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