The Most Popular App Downloads, and How to Cash in on Their Popularity

The Most Popular App Downloads, and How to Cash in on Their Popularity

What are the most used apps? Unsurprisingly, the most used apps are for social media, weather, and internet browsers. However, they aren’t the most popular downloads. How can this be?

They have all been downloaded already!

Most of the people who want to use a social media or weather app already have one they like, not to mention, these really aren’t spaces the average app developer can break into.

Instead, it pays to see what the most popular downloads are today. Here are just a few, as well as tips that will help you cash in on their popularity.


If it’s not surprising that social media apps are the most used, it should come as no surprise that games are the most downloaded. They’re also a great area for app developers to crack into because they can make a lot of money.

The question is, how can you make the most money on a gaming app? Skip the paid application and offer your game for free. Then, use in-app purchases to boost your revenue. By offering in-app purchases at different price points, you can increase your revenue even more.


Without having managerial or entrepreneurial experience, you may not realize just how easy a quality app can make life for businesses. They are downloaded frequently because business professionals are always looking for ways to make their work lives easier.

If you want to develop a business app, consider having users pay weekly, monthly, or annual fees. You can also consider offering a free trial.


Mobile apps are changing education. Parents and teachers are always looking for ways to make learning fun, and learning is a lot more fun if you can integrate technology.

Educational apps are best when purchased upfront. You don’t want to find out your little one made a bunch of in app purchases. Free trials are also a great way to convince educators and parents that your app is worth the money.


The largest category of successful applications is lifestyle apps. While games, business, and education apps are fairly specific, you can let your creative juices flow and enjoy more design options with a lifestyle application.

A few lifestyle applications include:

  • Travel: Book affordable accommodations, plan your itinerary, and purchase event tickets ahead of time
  • Health: Track your steps with a pedometer, keep a food diary, and start a new training regimen
  • Deals: Find the best coupons and discounts at all of your favorite stores
  • Fun: Check your daily horoscope, draw a digital picture, or get interior design tips

Because there are so many options, there’s a lot more flexibility in how you choose to create revenue for your lifestyle app.

If you want to make money on your app, start by making sure you choose an app that is popular with downloaders. Then, optimize how users pay for that app and you may find yourself with an app that is just as popular as it is lucrative.


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