Toyota RAV4 Baltimore

Toyota RAV4 Baltimore

According to a July 2017 report by Statistica, crossover SUVs accounted for about 33.9 percent of all automotive sales – by far the largest selling vehicle segment – in that respective month. Yes, crossover SUVs are continuing their popularity run in the United States for a number of reasons, and one of the most popular options for consumers is the Toyota RAV4. While other crossovers are designed for nothing more than getting drivers – and their passengers – from Point A to Point B, the RAV4 is different. In fact, Toyota says that it’s the perfect crossover for “the weekend escape.” And by “weekend escape,” we mean that the RAV4 is just as good on the beaten path as it is off of it. Here’s a closer look at what the vehicle has to offer for those that are looking for a little sense of adventure when it comes to Toyota RAV4 Baltimore:

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  • The RAV4 comes with an Adventure Grade offering, which consists of larger wheels, larger overfender flares and a more robust rocker panel guard to permit enhanced durability when the pavement turns to dirt. The Adventure Grade also comes standard with all-weather floor liners and cargo mats. Another neat feature of this vehicle grade is the 120 volt, 100 watt power outlet located in the trunk area. With this, you can go as far off the grid as possible and still stay connected and charged up.
  • While the RAV4 offers a spacious 38.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind the back seat (or 73.4 cubic feet with the back seats folded down), that might not be quite enough for the outdoor enthusiast. Noting this, the vehicle also offers the option of black roof rails for additional rooftop storage.
  • Tow Prep Package: The RAV4 comes with an optional towing package, which permits the vehicle to tow up to 3,500 pounds. Whether it’s a small trailer or a boat, the RAV4 can give drivers enough power to get to where they want to go with the right tools and products as well.
  • Luxury-like interior: Even if you’re roughing it for a weekend getaway, drivers can also be assured that when they return to their RAV4, they’ll return to a spacious, comfortable interior. Style meets sophistication, and optional features like heated front seats, a power moonroof and interactive gauge cluster, make the RAV4 fun to drive, no matter where you’re going.

So while crossovers are big today, they’re certainly not all made equal. For more information on Toyota RAV4 Baltimore, contact us today.

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