Tractor Trailer Truck Accident Statistics Shows Part of the Problem 

Tractor Trailer Truck Accident Statistics Shows Part of the Problem 

Tractor trailer or big rig accidents are some of the most devastating collisions mostly due to the weight difference of a large commercial truck compared to a passenger vehicle. This can be a difference of even five times the tons of a passenger car and then add speed as a factor in the crash the passengers in the vehicle can be critically or fatally injured. The statistics that continue year after year for these types of collisions have many factors behind the cause of the crash.

Commercial Truck Crash Factors

There are different factors that can play a role in what contributes to a collision with any crash, but when it is a tractor trailer truck involved it can be one fact or a combination of factors that contribute to the crash including:

  • Driver error
    • Driver fatigue
    • Improper maintenance
    • Brake failure
    • Tire blowout
    • Improper load balance
    • Blind spots
    • Weather conditionsResults of Contributing Factors

    Blind spots are one of the problems with any vehicle, however, the operator of these large trucks have a blind spot that is prevalent enough that on the back of the trailer there is generally a warning sign for drivers to be aware of this issue and not be in the blind spot during turns. Tires on trucks wear quickly due to the size, weight and number of miles a tractor trailer truck travels. These tires are not the same as on a passenger vehicle and often have new tread put on the existing tire, which can fly off the truck during travel on a highway. This can be a hazard for passenger vehicles and motorcycles.

    Driver error and driver fatigue can happen to any driver; however, the truck operator is driving a 50 ton or higher weight the driver can lose control and over-correcting can cause a collision. Trailers that are carrying a load if it has been loaded unbalanced or shifted during transport it can cause the trailer to become uncontrollable and this can be a hazardous situation for the truck driver and other vehicles on the road within proximity of the truck. Weather conditions can be a contributing factor in any crash, but when the roads are wet or icy it can cause a truck operator to lose control of the trailer and truck accidents. The trailer can start to come around toward the cab of the truck. This is known as jackknifing and since the driver has a battle with the trailer any other vehicles near this event can be in danger of colliding.

    One other thing that passenger vehicle drivers should always remember is while they can stop quickly if necessary large big rigs do not have the same advantage. The size and weight of this kind of truck and trailer will take it much longer to come to a stop, so passenger vehicle drivers should give the truck operator the room to stop. Do not pull in front of this oversizedtruck if there is not enough feet of space to pick up speed to keep the truck operator from having to slam on the brakes. Trucks operators also cannot maneuver a vehicle of its size like a passenger vehicle. These two issues are important to remember since big rig collisions are not always the fault of the truck operator.

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