Transform your physique with the good effects of Dianabol

Transform your physique with the good effects of Dianabol

Dianabol is the most popular oral anabolic steroid to hit the market. It is mostly found in oral form but is also available as injectables though tablets remain the primary source. This steroid was developed solely for performance enhancement. Though it had a therapeutic use, performance was the reason behind this steroid. It was created by Dr. John Bosley Ziegler and released by Ciba, a pharmaceutical company in 1958. This steroid provides anabolic benefits by increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Due to protein synthesis, the cells build proteins essential for building muscle. Nitrogen retention is directly related to anabolism.

This steroid has an excellent property of creating synergy with other anabolic steroids. The results, when combined with other steroids, are dramatic. This steroid is available as capsules, tablets, oral drops and as injectables. Regardless of the form, this medication has impacts due to its milligram strength. The milligram strength of this pill depends on the beginner or an advanced user. The capsule and tablet form, though both are oral must pass your digestive system before getting absorbed into the bloodstream. Capsules get dissolved faster due to their construction. By comparing the available brands of the drugs, the price difference can be estimated.

Dosages and Administration

This steroid is highly anabolic and high dosages are not commonly required. A normal dosage of 5 mg daily is usually prescribed for a maximum period of 6 weeks. There is a more beginner dosage ranging between 15-30mg daily. The higher end dosage has considerably strong anabolic effects and increasing beyond this dose is not usually needed. Intermediate and advanced users’ dosage is normally between 30-50mg daily and is recommended not to venture above this dosage. Some very advanced users use 80mg or higher. It is not advisable to attempt high dose as it may cause excess stress on the organ systems of the body.

The difference between a beginner, an intermediate and an advanced user is not of increasing dosages of this steroid as many advanced users use a low dose of 15 mg daily with great effects. Some studies revealed adverse effects on the use of 100mg dose and showed serious health complications. Further, it was noticed that 100mg use for 6 weeks resulted in a decline of testosterone level by 40%. Female dosages are not common as this steroid is not usually used by female athletes due to its unstable nature and harsh effects of virilization. The female athletes use 2.5-5mg per day with the 10mg daily dose being the upper limit.

Buying this medication

The two most important avenues of selling this steroid are through dealers and over the internet. The internet method is more popular and widely used method making other methods quite obsolete. The old process of mail order has transformed into e-mail order nowadays. Users look for two forms of this drug, one is of pharma grade, manufactured by the FDA approved and fully licensed pharma companies that sell drugs in the prescription market. Another one is the underground lab products manufactured by unlicensed and unapproved underground laboratories at cheaper rates. There is a difference between the selling price between these vendors; underground labs and pharmacies that can be ascertained by comparing the available brands.

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