Understanding the Basics of an Electric Atta Maker

Understanding the Basics of an Electric Atta Maker

The Indian meal is incomplete without hot chapattis, parathas or pooris. In the past, women used to spend the maximum part of their day in the kitchen making curries, side dishes and kneading flour for rolling out chapatis.

Today, they are not confined to house chores alone. They have to take care of their office work along with house chores and kids. To help them in their kitchen chores, technology has come up with many must-have appliances and electric dough makeris one such innovative appliance. It is also a boon for youngsters who stay away from their families because of jobs or for studies.

Using the atta maker, getting the dough ready for making rotis or pooris is absolutely easy. It takes very little time and effort to get that perfect dough.

How to Make the Dough?

The process is very simple. You need to add the flour and water in specific proportion as mentioned in the user manual. Close the lid and just press the pre-set function for atta doughto start the kneading process. The dough will be ready in no time.

Benefits of Having This Innovative Product in Your Kitchen

Having this electric dough maker in your kitchen has many advantages:

  • Saves Time: It works like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. By the time you finish making the curry, it keeps the dough ready for you to roll out the chapattis.
  • Easy to Operate: It has pre-programmed menus. All you need to do is put the ingredients in the container and press the desired option. The remaining task of mixing and kneading happens on its own. It is so easy that you can even ask your kid to start the machine so that the dough gets ready by the time you enter the kitchen.
  • Multiple Options: It’s not only the normal chapatti or roti dough that you can get from it. It has in fact 19 different program settings that let you make various breads too. The best part is that you only have to press a particular button. The rest is taken care of by the appliance itself.
  • Hygienic: The automatic kneading process ensures that atta dough is prepared in a hygienic way. The hygienic process also ensures that you eat healthy and stay away from diseases.
  • Be Creative: You can experiment by adding different ingredients to the flour or try using some beetroot or palak puree along with water to knead the dough. Be creative and come up with interesting ideas that can be healthy too.
  • Easy to Maintain: The appliance is very easy to operate, clean and maintain. The components are detachable and hence can be easily cleaned and stored.

Getting this revolutionary electric dough maker in your kitchen helps you in many ways. The appliance not only helps you knead atta in a hygienic way but also helps you prepare many other food items such as bread, sticky rice, juice and cake.

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