Understanding the Different Types of Parking Barricades

Understanding the Different Types of Parking Barricades

When you have a slew of vehicles roaming around your parking area, you need to ensure everyone is safe and obeys the rules. Using barrcade equipment is one of the most effective ways of doing that. Here are some of the various types of barricades we offer, and what each one is especially good for.


Bollards look like small pillars, and are for protecting infrastructure from large vehicles in the event of an accident. To get the most out of bollards, they need to be properly spaced. The recommended spacing for keeping automobiles out is 5 feet. However, it’s best to space bollards out based on the smallest vehicle or object you want to barricade.

Sign Barricade

For simple traffic control in parking areas, sign barricades are often a great choice. They aren’t designed to take a beating from vehicles — instead, they provide a particularly high-vis and easy to read instruction. These signs can be plain, or they can convey a specific message to let drivers know why they’re there.


Rather than fully restricting traffic, delineators act as a sort of guide. By placing them parrallel to each other throughout a parking area, you can direct traffic and prevent confusion among drivers. Delineators can be mounted or weighed down with sand to stay put. The difference between delineators and bollards is the material; delineators are made of a more flexible material while bollards are more solid.

Parking Block

Parking blocks are the yellow blocks that are usually used to block off parking spaces. The main goal with parking blocks is to keep drivers from pulling up too far into the parking spot, because there may be a wall or something else vulnerable beyond the parking block. Unless you already have a curb at the end of your parking spaces, parking blocks are recommended.

Gates with Arms

Gates with arms are perfect for parking areas that close during certain hours or require a toll to enter. You can buy a gate that fits many varieties of arms, that way you can fully customize your barrier by choosing the perfect length gate arm.

As the owner of a parking area, it’s important for you to secure your property and keep drivers safe. There are various barricades available to do this, and using a few of them together can yield great results. But it’s important that you research the different barricade types and assess your parking area’s needs, that way you can get things set up just right.

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