Visiting Soka Gakkai International Canada- A Place Laden With Peace and Tranquility

Visiting Soka Gakkai International Canada- A Place Laden With Peace and Tranquility

Canada has been one of the most often visited tourist destination for multiple reasons round the year. And religious destinations are definitely one of the major reasons what tourists hunt for. Be it Rome or any other place, these spots have always been a big hit. Same goes for Canada as well, as there are historic cathedrals, national shrines, and convents, and temples to charm your spiritual journey and help you learn a lot.

Let’s take a note of few of such destinations which makes Canada so famous for its religious tourism.

The Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal

With more than two centuries of history, the Notre-Dame Basilica stands to be the first Cathedral Church that proves to be the image of Gothic revival and as of now, it finds more than 2,500 visitors in one single day. A 90-minute grand tour can actually help you go through the historical baptistery and revisit those days of the ancient past. It’s not just art, its life of Notre-Dame Basilica that stands laid in each of the pillars and walls. One gets to know the trade and commerce of the man and his age through the painting and the portrayal beautifully laid out everywhere.

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Basilica Saint John the Baptist

Overlooking in the city of Saint John’s Newfoundland, the Basilica of Saint John stands one of the historical moments which survived the Great Fire that ruined everything in 1892. The seven altars, 14 Stations of the Cross, the galleries, fonts and numerous stained glass windows each and every element within the Basilica replicates the memory of the incident and the place and how the artists and archbishops have endeavored hard to gift the place its lost glory.

Soka Gakkai International Canada- A Different Experience Altogether

Now while these above-mentioned tourist spots are mere destinations, the Soka Gakkai International Canada might be an experience for you. It is nothing but a worldwide organization which has dedicated itself completely to peace, culture, and education which is based completely on the sacred principles of Nichiren Buddhism. Having spread across 192 different nations and with more than 12 million members actively participating, the SGI Canada is even a registered charity.

Not all trips are meant to see a lot of things within a short span- some are meant to be felt, experienced and made memorable. The SGI Canada gives a similar opportunity to those who visit this unknown territory for a short period. You might be there for just a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, you can take participation in multiple charitable events that SGI Canada keeps organizing. They have mostly harnessed upon chanting Nam-myoho-range-Kyo to transform suffering into joy by bringing forth our inherent life force—wisdom, courage, and compassion.

Each and every one who has visited Soka Gakkai International Canada has felt the lively atmosphere and the positive vibe within, and the relevant humanity is what the place keeps demanding. Sending a strong and profound message is what SGI Canada heads toward to, and bridging the cultural difference will make the change.

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