Why Jakarta Should Be on Your Bucket List

Why Jakarta Should Be on Your Bucket List

Jakarta is a huge city with skyscrapers almost getting to the angels. It is known for negatives such as crowding as well as horrendous traffic jams. On the other hand, there are many beautiful things about Jakarta that could make anyone ignore the temporary discomforts and venture into the city.

Indonesia as a whole is quite intriguing to visit. This is the land of the islands, pink beaches, the Komodo dragon as well as tranquil resorts and beaches. Jakarta is in this magnificent land and you can make a stopover as you go on to Bali or stay in one hotel Jakarta and have a great time in the city,

What You Can Look Forward to in Jakarta

There are many things to do here that will not necessarily include sitting in traffic for hours. Whether you are visiting solo or you are with friends, here are a few of the best things to do in the city.

Bars with Panoramic Views

You cannot visit Jakarta and not experience the nightlife. There are numerous bars, clubs and restaurants that are open all night long where you can go for drinks and dance the night away.

Being so many of them, competition is quite high. The service is therefore great and the music top-notch as each outlet works to outdo the other. They constantly invite international acts and offer the best quality in terms of services. They know if a patron is dissatisfied, they can always find better service next door.

Some of the bars are high up on the skyscrapers. These ones give you a beautiful uninterrupted view of Jakarta at night. The city is lit up and the skyline is simply breathtaking. You can catch one of Indonesia’s incredible sunsets.

Most of the better establishments have a dress code. Ensure that you are nicely turned out so that you don’t stand out like a sore thumb.

The Thousand Islands

Hop on a boat and enjoy a few hours ride to the Thousand Islands. They are part of Jakarta and will give you a similar experience to the one you would have in Bali or any other island. There are fun activities such as diving, swimming or simply lazing around on the beaches and breathing in the much fresher air.

The Beach within the City

You read that right. There is a beach in Jakarta. The Ancol Beach is a public beach park that is located in the same area with Dufan; an amusement park. Ancol is not your everyday beach. It is not known for being clean. However, if you want to enjoy a nice Indonesian sunset, you can visit the park and sit in a café.

It is also a great place for photographs. You might capture some lovely shots of the beach and the sunset. There are also some beautiful places around Ancol that are great for photographs.

Dufan is a huge amusement park. You can go there for some fun and games and escape the noisy, busy city for a day or a few hours. Stay away from the park on weekends as it is bound to be full with families bringing their little ones over to play.

The Antiques on Surabaya

If you love to look at antiques or would like to purchase some exotic pieces, Surabaya Street is the place to go. There are a lot of stores along the street that mainly sell antiques. There are some genuine and beautiful pieces that you can find here.

However, you must be careful. You may end up purchasing a fake antique. Sometimes they will have some new pieces that are passed off as antiques and if you don’t know any better, you will be scammed. Not every antique dealer on Surabaya is honest.

Visit the Old Town (Old Batavia)

History buffs love the Old Town or Old Batavia which is a valuable historical site. It is not well preserved. This is a similarity it shares with most of the old buildings in the old town. There are a number of museums in the area that you can visit. These include:

  • The Puppet Museum
  • The Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics.
  • The Jakarta History Museum (Fatahillah Museum)

Done with all the strolling or cycling if you rented a bike and admiring, you can find the Café Batavia for some food and great coffee.


Jakarta is a city with a lot of delights beneath its loud and busy exterior. It is definitely worth exploring and experiencing. Do not forget to sample the humongous malls for shopping or to sample the array of delicious Indonesian cuisine from the hundreds of restaurants and street vendors in the city.

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