Why Use a Waste Removal Service?

Why Use a Waste Removal Service?

What is Waste?

Waste is regarded as any substance or object which the holder discards, intends to discard or is required to discard. Imagine if the waste we generate is strewn all over the place. Apart from the fact that waste is unsightly, it makes the environment vulnerable to infestation by pests, increases the danger of exposure to bio-hazards and constitutes real danger to health.

The Old Methods

In the past, people resorted to several methods of disposing waste and avoiding the health hazards of waste accumulation. Burning of waste was one of these methods, but it quickly became unpopular because it was fraught with a lot of risks. Garbage containing plastic waste for example produces hazardous chemicals which can remain in the air for long periods and trigger or aggravate respiratory illnesses such as asthma or emphysema in people living within the environment.

Another improper method still employed till today is the disposal of some types of waste by flushing them down the drain. An example of items commonly disposed this way is unused prescription medications. This is because people who engage in this practice are not sure how to dispose of them. This method is capable of contaminating underground water with unwanted chemicals and creating health problems.

Modern Methods

Waste removal is the effective way of managing waste. Modern methods involve the separation of waste into organic and inorganic waste. Technological advancement in waste management now makes it possible to re-use organic waste by composting them while recyclable waste are re-processed into new products, a process which helps in reducing consumption and depletion of natural resources.

Waste Removal Companies

These companies now offer a complete range of removal services to both businesses and domestic customers. Domestic services may include missed bin, garden waste such as clippings, garden furniture, electronic waste, waste generated from light demolitions as well as bulkier items such as settees, sofa beds, electric chairs and recliners.

Businesses can also arrange to have all the waste generated in their premises carted away by these companies. The wastes may include office clearances, bulky waste, emergency and reactive clearances. Other business related waste services provided include bin service for general waste, glass, food and cardboard collections. Skips can be left on site if required or for collection of heavy waste when the requirement exceeds removals that can be carried out by a man and van.

Waste Express is a reputable waste removal company which offer such services. They provide waste clearance services to homes and businesses across the United Kingdom including Northern Ireland. In addition to standard waste removal, their range of services includes specialist services such as wait and load, safe disposal of hazardous waste and they provide their waste clearance services on same day basis across the country.

They run a large in-house fleet, but they also have access to the network which enables them offer a reliable service and respond quickly to requests for emergency fly tip clearance, freezer breakdown or urgent requirements for clearance of organic food waste. Calls from insurance, fire, flood and restoration companies for removal of waste following major incidents or natural disasters are also accommodated rapidly.


Waste removal is a safe and effective method of managing waste in our homes and business premises. A waste removal service will give you the peace of mind and the assurances that the health and surroundings of your staff, visitors and loved ones will be safe from health hazards occasioned by unwanted waste.

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